Paying Other People’s Taxes by David Cay Johnston

You are forced to pay the income taxes of some of the richest investors in America through a federal regulation never before reported on in the mainstream ne…
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  1. vidfann says:

    I really appreciate you sir. I read your book “Free Lunch” and it really opened my eyes to a reality of what’s happening to America. You are a real credit to this great country of ours and saving the masses from themselves. Keep up the great work in truth and exposing the real problems with our systems today.? If only you would run for office!

  2. David Cay Johnston says:

    The FIRST tier (corporate tax) is included in rates, but not paid.

    Only the? second tier (individual) income tax is owed.

    When a monopoly collects a nonexistent tax it raises costs. My column at tax.com shows how much this imposition of a nonexistent corporate tax raises costs to consumers.

  3. etramway says:

    I do not understand how converting to a partnership would help individual taxpayers avoid taxes.? The partners are still responsible for their K-1 profit distribution.

  4. Barry Ritholtz says:

    What the fuck are you talking? about?

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