O’Reilly Clashes w/ Liberal Guest Over Taxes: Does The Gov’t Have A Right To ‘Take Half Your Stuff?’

3/22/13 – Bill O’Reilly tonight express his outrage with the Congressional Progressive Caucus over a budget proposal that includes taxing billionaire at 49 p…



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  1. Kelso Anderson says:

    what Callahan didn’t mention is that in the 60’s and? 80s those tax rates went DOWN and we had a booming economy

  2. Carl Enquist says:

    16th amendement was a? fraud, so what they are talking about it just more destractions from the REAL issue. Any taxation is extortion. But hardly anyone can see it or accept it because of the thorough brainwashing we’ve recieved.

  3. Tank Murdoch says:

    Liberals love? slavery

  4. Chuttaduh says:

    welcome to the vast? majority of his show

  5. Socratic Post says:

    Did I just enter the alternate universe, where Bill O’Reilly uses? logic and common sense to win arguments on his show all while promoting a positive debate?

  6. Dustin Vinas says:

    everyone should pay the? exact same rate! what happened to equality??

  7. loszhor says:

    “The rich? have plenty of money” is no reason to just hike their taxes.

  8. Stephen Walters says:

    The only problem with that now is next week your bank could go belly up….?

  9. Stephen Walters says:

    lol just now? starting too?

  10. spongetvful says:

    I’m really starting to? hate these liberals.

  11. omega3joe says:

    Anyone making $50,000.00 or less should pay nothing. Everyone else 10% no? breaks no loopholes no deductions.

  12. Rosemary Zepeda says:

    Its not a government its a EMPIRE! and people voted for this who sad is this.? The saying go carefuller for what you ask for cause you may get it!!!

  13. Rosemary Zepeda says:

    Rome all over? again tax tax tax!!!

  14. THESEADOG82 says:

    once the gov takes money out of the economy that money is? dead to the people of America.let people invest there own money best by leaving it in the bank so America can use it.The government is a black hole for money there bills are not our bills.

  15. omega3joe says:

    The tax revenue to the govt. Is at record levels but the pols. Decide? who pays and dosent the most profitable corps pay nothing and receive subsidies from people who live on less than $25000.00/ year like me. That’s post tax and child support.

  16. shalom21163 says:

    The “Reagan Tax Rate” referenced by this guest was NOT implemented by President Reagan. It was implemented by President Carter. Mr. David Callahan, PhD is either A). Not aware of the historical record OR B).? Attempting to mislead the viewers. [RELATED DOCUMENTATION Courtesy of Harvard Economist Greg Mankiw (The Greg Mankiw Blog, 11-30-12)].

  17. John Herodotus says:

    Im so tired of these lies these assholes spew. Its not about percentage, its about PROPORTION you morons and? you know it! If you make 2? million dollars a year, you send in 500,000. If you make 35,000 dollars, you send in 10,000. The rich guy paid in 35% and the lower middle income guy paide 39%. The rich guy pays a lower percentage, yet sends in 465,000 more dollars than the other guy. Stop lying!

  18. hanyangwe says:


  19. NinjaMang says:

    Interestingly? enough with those historic tax rates we saw that there were no longer any poor and homeless. Oh that’s right that didn’t happen. I hear people talk like this and I lose all hope for our nation. How can anyone think that our government could take all this tax revenue and spend it wisely.

  20. croakerchoker504 says:

    I guess my dreams of becoming a millionaire aren’t really worth it since once i do it ill only have? 500k. Way to kill the American dream you socialist fuck.

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