Obama Pledges to Not Raise Middle Class Taxes

PlusObama Pledges to Not Raise Middle Class TaxesObama Pledges to Not Raise Middle Class TaxesThe Associated PressBarack Obama is pledging that he won’t rais…
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  1. 17LibertyOrDeath76 says:


  2. Sterling Tucker says:

    At 0:38 seconds the lies are to obvious (…”Not your payroll tax”). How
    does your paycheck look this week?

    What else will we turn a blind eye on?

  3. hint0122 says:

    of course he was. he lied to get elected

  4. Cassalexi says:

    Oh wonderful! were doomed..

  5. drcoolfinger says:

    $250k or less and your taxes won’t go up, yea right…..Another lie from
    the progress sneak and his socialist agenda. The sad part is most of the
    counrty fell for his line of Bullshit. Nov of 2012 can’t get here fast
    enough !

  6. Willy Nelson says:

    And today 11/10/2012 he is still standing to his word

  7. Mish Akopyan says:

    man……. i really don’t know who to vote for……and elections are
    coming up. Wish I could just vote on certain laws & rules. Like I would NOT
    vote for middle class tax increase. Also, would vote to cut military
    spending. Also, bring back troops from Iran. Also, help small businesses
    make more income so they could higher more people so more employment is

  8. ism3c says:

    @Susq15 How about now? XD

  9. Saxton Hale says:

    Just an FYI, but the health care reform isn’t the biggest tax increase in
    US history. Not even close. Reagan initiated a higher tax increase.

  10. Pv8man says:

    Umm, i think you just answered your own question wrong. Said by
    tillerylakelady “So where is all this money gonna come from huh? Thats
    right from the rest of us. ” Really?, and just how, by raising taxes??
    That’s exactly what he is pledging not to do! It’s going to come from the
    billions of dollars that we won’t be spending on Iraq, while putting the
    stress on the 4-6% of people who make over 250k for a little while for a
    change, instead of the middle and lower class.

  11. TwazkemUSAbi says:

    Obama never told a lie…… there now you can see the sarcasm because of
    all the periods after my sentence.

  12. maeon3 says:

    When I see you all booing Obama with the intensty of Bush I’m going to
    point and laugh at all your collective hippocampuses.

  13. bobby bergdoll says:

    LIAR LIAR LIAR. you got elected because of your race & that’s it. you will
    not get re elected.

  14. Tony Locacio says:

    Mr. Obama, why do yousay one thing to the people that you will look out for
    the middle class and nothing youdo will affect them? Aren’t you proposing
    that something be done to social security and medicare at this present
    time? Pray tell, and I say pray to you with clenched lips, Who do you think
    this will affect? Where is the integrity the leader of the greatest country
    in the world? You vascilate so much it shows great instability andthat your
    confusion and lack of experience. Please step down.

  15. 19cohen says:

    what?who said he will raise taxes to middle class?

  16. MrCorisdavis913 says:

    ObamaCare was just ruled as a tax.

  17. BigBingFan says:

    Yeah, Obama….ads will run, and did run, saying you are a Tax and Spend
    Liberal………because you are a LYING, DECEITFUL, DIVIDER. Everything you
    say you’ll do, you DON’T…and the things you said would never do, you
    DID……like Death Panels in your stupid Healthcare takeover, like putting
    our private medical records in public databases, like denying us certain
    procedures by a panel of “experts,” like RAISING premiums $7,500 per family
    while PROMISING to CUT premiums by $2,500 a family.

  18. ctcole77 says:

    constructed over a Con Ed station, how did the structural framing
    compensate for the station and how did that influence the collapse? How
    much nanothermite did Niels Harrit estimate was used in the supposed
    controlled demolition of WTC 1, 2, & 7? If a postcard could survive the
    Hindenburg inferno isn’t it possible for a passport to survive the WTC

  19. Mikeishere1st says:

    Over 50% of federal revenue is spent on … (ta da!) … ENTITLEMENTS!

  20. failte54 says:

    I am in Europe and education is free . We all have the opportunity. Free
    health care etc. We pay higher taxer but we get them back . France 60 % 40
    and 20 % . Ireland 42% and 20%. First class education. Please Americans
    whats worng with you ? Thats why 80 % of Europeans love Obama.

  21. Otuya david odeke says:

    I see alot of emtional people here,some of who dont even know whet they are
    talking about.Now anybody who has good ears and a sound mind can find what
    this guy is talking about more resonable than what my grandpap Mccain is
    trying to tell the masses.

  22. Italman45 says:


  23. cryptor13 says:

    Haha people voted for the ‘Change’ that they’ll be left with in their
    pockets when he finally picks it from our fingers..Why were we stuck with
    this guy?.. Why did America vote for this guy?

  24. billrah says:

    Obama has also stated in previous speeches that Retiree’s earning under 50k
    would not pay any taxes. I’m a retiree earning under 50k, and I haven’t
    paid any taxes in 5 years. I don’t think my situation is unique, so my
    question is Who are these retiree’s that are currently paying taxes ? What
    would help me is removing the Medicare premium for Part B which costs $2024
    per year and there is no chance of getting that back.

  25. svuhelter7 says:

    and he has bad breath!!!!hahahaha

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