O’Bama – If You LIke Paying Taxes!

O’Bama is out of touch.



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  1. mfjeff says:

    “Not ready to be? president”

  2. KevZen2000 says:

    Obama =? Socialism and Fascism.

  3. wemustdissent says:

    wow…we can create sock accounts and positively rate our own videos. thanks? for sharing.

  4. wemustdissent says:

    Here is our choice as Americans.

    1) Be willing to pay more out of pocket to support our country and our desires for that country to act abroad.

    2) Be willing to deficit spend, essentially selling our country bit by bit to foreign interests.

    Yeah you know what, I pick number 1. Number 1 means I cant buy that double-soy latte every morning but it also means? that China doesnt own more of my country at the end of the day.

  5. wemustdissent says:

    Do you honestly know anyone who buys their groceries using money earned from capital gains on their stock and if capital gains tax was? increased they would no longer be able to afford to feed their family?

    We need higher taxes if we the people are asking the government to spend more than it has. Refusing to raise taxes is just refusing to take the tough but necessary action. Capitol gains and estate taxes are a way of taxing those who have the means to feed themselves.

  6. wemustdissent says:

    If we spend? money on a war we need to raise taxes to pay for it do we not? Going to war means willing to pay for it. Right now we are deficit spending more than any time in history. All this is doing is passing the burden into the future, not dealing with it. If we dont have a recession right now due to this we will in the near future. We have to pay for it and yes I am willing to pay out of pocket to help ease the burden on the country. I love my country. Yes i own stock.

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