Not Paying My Back Taxes Because I am NOT an Equal Citizen

My name is Austin Michael Tracy, and because I do not feel that I am an equal citizen, I am refusing to pay my back taxes to the government and will instead …



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  1. Frank C says:

    Good? for you! I say global gay unity!

  2. Atlavocat says:

    I worked for the I.R.S. (part time) in the 1970’s (during the Vietnam War) and I got this tax return that had “STOP THE WAR” written on it in bold letters, I showed it to my supervisor and she said, “Well, go ahead? and stop the war”. (grin) The futility of that act was driven home to me (despite the fact that I agreed with the taxpayer). Not paying your taxes is not going to end inequality and it could get you into a lot of trouble. There are better ways to protest.

  3. maggsb53 says:

    right on,? austin.

  4. Austin Tracy says:

    Thank you! This is the kind of direct action that? everyone can do in support! You’re the best!! 🙂

  5. jason moyer says:

    you got it Austin ,, I will share your video with all my facebook friends and tell all the GayStraight Aliances about this video as? well…. i am on the case 😀

  6. Austin Tracy says:

    Thank you? so much for the support! Please spread my video around the south. If this can get national attention, the impact could be great!!!

  7. jason moyer says:

    I support you Austin,, Keep up the good fight 😀 and also i think that “bloody” dude is a robot, because he repeats the same thing all the time.. My partner and I are cheering for you Austin,, We live in the south and we do plan to move to Canada in 5 years if it don’t get better for? us.

  8. Bitzable says:

    I support you! ? I love how you’re not only not paying, but donating the money. Good luck!

  9. Austin Tracy says:

    Thank you very? much 🙂

  10. allsfairinwar says:

    -? Good for you. Thanks for being educated and having the balls to stand up for yourself, your peers, and your rights. I wish you the best in your endeavors!

  11. Austin Tracy says:

    @BloodyFetuses What makes us so different? The fact that we have love in our hearts & you have hatred? That’s just silly. It is with my deepest sympathy that you are weighed down with such anger & I hope that some day you will come to realize that we’re people too. I don’t know if you’re Christian but take a look at the story? of the Good Samaritan, and just know that if you were beaten near to death by someone who hated you & I was walking by, I would help you, regardless of your hate for me. 🙂

  12. Austin Tracy says:

    I know I’m violating the law and as I said, I take full consequences for my actions. It’s responses like this? that question the whole ideals of America. America is suppose to be about freedom. I know it may be hard for you to understand, but I didn’t choose to be gay, but I chose that I would try to achieve a happy life. Through history people have said Jews, Christians, Atheists, people of different skin color, women, and even those deemed ignorant should not have rights.

  13. oceanxblue says:

    Go for it Austin! I support you as well. Don’t let the ignorance of the idiots on? here and around you bring you down.

  14. Jessica Wooten says:

    you know the more you respond? the more you prove my previous statement to be true!

  15. BloodyFetuses says:

    He’s a faggot who is violating? the law. Faggot shouldn’t have rights in this country.

  16. Austin Tracy says:

    although it’d be much easier to move to Canada/Europe, I’d prefer and stay and fight. If people don’t stand up for change then things will never change. Too many homosexuals are comfortable & it’s not until they are attacked that they realize how much hate there really is. I mentioned that not until we are recognized as equal? citizens we won’t be equal. Things do take time, but the sooner we can address the issues, the sooner we can reduce & prevent the amount of hate that goes on

  17. Jessica Wooten says:

    oh he? will you ignorant twat!

  18. allsfairinwar says:

    you? should probably just move to Canada or Europe. It’d be easier.

  19. BloodyFetuses says:

    Cool, you’ve been reported? to the IRS. Have a great day :).

  20. smirkingjustice says:

    I can really feel the intensity behind your words. Clearly, you are very passionate about your cause, and I’m sure you will see the movement effect a change in both the federal legislation and the public perception within your lifetime. I hope that in the event of an audit, you are able to carry this? fight all the way to the supreme court. Let’s hope Obama assigns a liberal justice soon! Best of luck!

  21. gaby0057 says:

    You are AMAZING..? I love you Austin 🙂

  22. falling00upwards says:

    I fully support what you’re doing! I am behind you 100%!!! Way to go, Austin!?

  23. Jessica Wooten says:

    im? so proud of you austin!!! love you!!!!

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