#NoFilter – Parking Tickets Are A Bulls**t Regressive Tax

Since the passage of Proposition 13 in 1978, capping property taxes at 1% of home prices, California has lost a substantial portion of tax revenue. So how ar…
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  1. ash2kewl says:

    I swear I thought I was dumb because the parking signs would always confused me. Now? I know I’m not the only one lol

  2. LetTruthBeTheStar says:

    That’s what I always thought! Something must have changed as of 2008-2009? Perhaps I need to have a battle with the state? My Prop taxes have changed yearly since bought in 2009 and is being assessed at a value that is more than the purchase price. I have also had the assessed value change every year since 2009 . I have questioned and the? answer was, “that is the assessed the value” regardless of purchase price. I will look further into this. Want to battle with me if a battle is needed?? 🙂

  3. elyne2 says:

    I got a parking ticket in venice beach.. sign said:
    6:30AM to? 4PM
    It was Friday…

  4. Townsquare says:

    The merits of Prop 13 are debatable, but the above is inaccurate. From Wikipedia:
    “The proposition decreased property taxes by assessing property values at their 1975 value and restricted annual increases of assessed value of real property to an inflation factor, not to exceed 2% per year. It also PROHIBITED REASSESSMENT OF A NEW BASE YEAR VALUE except for in cases of (a) change? in ownership, or (b) completion of new construction.”

  5. ColdSHeep says:

    they have the same sort of thing? going on in Boston

  6. omga14 says:

    Anna was all like ” Hey girl!? Welcome to LA.”. Friend was like “I just got a parking ticket for $?!”. Anna “What!! Uh, uh. Nah gurl. I got your back. I’m going to report on this bullshit!”

  7. offBeatRock777 says:

    Can someone explain how wealthy people “hoard their money”?
    Do they stuff it under their mattress? I have never heard? of anyone doing this.

  8. RomanIXLegion says:

    If your taxes paid for the? roads, why are you being taxed to use them?

  9. payasoinfeliz says:

    youre? retarded

  10. Jesse Pinkman says:

    if there was no parking tickets you’d get assholes parking all over the? place.

  11. RuleofFive says:

    I’m a property owner in New Jersey. We have the highest rates in the country. If the govt. needs the revenue then they need to tax it. I think public schools, roads, bridges, street lights, police, fire, EMS, EPA, FDA, SSN, Medicare, Medicaid are all good things (some of these are federal programs) but they need funding along with our gargantuan defense budget….over a trillion per year now…gotta pay for those bombs in Syria. What’s the alternative? A? third world country?

  12. GigaBoost says:

    So don’t park on these new spots? = no ticket for you. Easy peasy, don’t be an idiot, no ticket.

  13. Joell5678 says:

    Judging by the comment? section, there are a lot of poor people who watched this video. Poor people are usually really bad with economics and how financials work.

  14. Joell5678 says:

    Easily said by a non property owner.
    We should not be forced to RENT our? own property every year from the Government…

  15. 4U2TRIP2012 says:

    I never owned? a house before but is property tax a one time fee when you first buy your house?

  16. LetTruthBeTheStar says:

    I wish that was true. Property taxes are reassessed each year and if? values go up, so do the taxes. Inheritance (if that is your meaning of a parent “giving” land to their children) is taxed and properties are reassessed. I wish it was the way you are saying for the sake of all the children who might inherit land. Maybe that was how it WAS, but not anymore in my experiences. The tax is 1% of purchase price (Prop 13) + other bonds, etc., then property is reassessed yearly & adjusted.

  17. Rosie Desire says:

    Making income from violations? I feel is a bad thing in general. Tickets are supposed to be used to prevent a type of action, not to fund something. In Fort Lauderdale, they had an issue with illegal parking so they raised the ticket fee to an huge figure. It worked, people stopped parking illegally. But the city lost a huge portion of income so they reduced the fee again so that people would illegally park again and they could make money. That just seems so wrong.

  18. visini14 says:

    Prop 13 is unfair. People who have owned property for? a long time have lower fixed tax rate than new property owners, some times up to 10 times that of older ownership. And if a parent gives the land to their children, the children have the same fixed tax, which is again unfair.

    Repeal it, and have everyone pay market value taxes.

  19. visini14 says:

    She is talking about the raising cost of parking tickets, and the excess of them. They look for parking violations, when they should focus on the actual crimes in LA. That is what she is getting? at. How about you actually listen to what she is saying.

  20. LetTruthBeTheStar says:

    Change Prop 13 and? NO ONE but the very rich will be able to afford to buy property. With the cost of property now…1% is a LOT ($2k to $5k a yr tax)…and it is actually closer to 2% in a most of places in CA due to all the propositions, bills, bonds, school taxes, etc. voted in after Prop 13. Huge burden goes to the home owner. Prop 13 was voted in to allow people to afford homes to raise families. Park in the wrong place, get a parking ticket. Thanks for helping CA…:-)

  21. DAN DAN says:

    what are you? 12 ?

  22. inadaizz says:

    new regressive tax in ohio (all ohio) sales tax will be going up by .25 points, and under the? same legislation we will be cutting small business owners income tax on their first 250,000 by 50%

  23. ArjunaMysterytramp says:

    So there is never an instance where it can get out of hand? I mean listen to what it is you are saying? Just be a good drone and obey the laws, she isn’t advocating for breaking them, she is advocating? for a change. Grow up.

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