No one denies that taxes are necessary

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  1. Grero.com says:

    It’s simple. If no one denies it, then the claim needs no argumentation.

  2. JizzonTheDark says:

    Private funds, just like they do now maybe?

  3. crediblemusic says:

    without taxation, everything would be 80-90% more affordable

  4. Tony Snodgrass says:

    i also, would like a refund…

  5. Scott Vogler says:

    you’ll decide on your own, but it took me years to come to a libertarian
    perspective which I am now shedding too and defining myself on my own
    terms. My goal now is to crucify my ego completely and become who I really
    am. I am far past thinking I need a government or a leader…but I do need
    friends and social support, but NEVER EVER should I steal or force it.

  6. zerocool155 says:


  7. SRGTHALO says:

    pay for it.

  8. lyokofans says:

    Is is not a problem of imagination, it is more about concerns of corruption
    that usually comes up with big business. I just think to a small degree
    that government has a purpose, but at this time they are way to big and
    need to back off. I think maybe as I progress through my awakening things
    might make more sense. Who knows though.

  9. Kronicilln3ss says:

    I don’t want 4cents of every $ I spend and that’s not considered tax just
    state tax ontop of them taking 1/2 of what u own and 51% of this $ goes to
    the war! That we don’t fucking support WTF but if u don’t pay men with guns
    will throw u into the cage for the worst crime tax evasion gotta pay for
    the war that u hate supporting the cause of 11boston massacres every 11mins
    for a decade 1/2a million dead in that region a yr

  10. Scott Vogler says:

    Rooooods, rooads….such a funny word

  11. Wreqt says:

    Disappointing, I remember Mankiw as being less statist than most of my
    other textbooks, but that may have been more in his Macro evaluations.

  12. piperlaird84 says:

    I am No One.

  13. joe bobson says:

    “Taxation is theft…” Lol, it’s hard to write in a few sentences how deep
    the stupidity of that sentence is. Please define ownership and what shared
    benefits are in a society?

  14. EvilBunny says:

    If in a democracy the majority of people choose to give their own money to
    help those who can’t afford schooling or healthcare then those same people
    would do the same thing in a free society where there is no state. These
    people would set up organizations to help out those in need. There is value
    to be had in having an educated population and some companies may even
    support education programs in exchange for a 10 year contract with that
    company once they hit a certain age.

  15. Joe11Blue says:

    Civilized means living together without coercion.

  16. Dropitlikeitshoppe says:

    We need no government at all, brother. We need no masters and taxation. It
    is the root cause for 99% of problems we are facing today.

  17. Mike Mcknight says:

    FAIR Tax & Sales Taxes are all we need. Plus, the less amount of taxation
    going on, the smaller we can keep the federal government too. Any REAL
    (radical) change that is to be accomplished in the direction of a Fair Tax
    system means revolutionary acts to make it happen later on. Under this
    system, it will never happen & we will continue to be enslaved to this
    corrupt bureaucratic system of BULLSHIT and theft.

  18. 1pigslayer says:

    adam agorist metals is down?

  19. 4lifejackhammer says:

    so, people who run the state aren’t human? They certainly aren’t angels, as
    otherwise Watergate wouldn’t have happened, among the large amount of other
    corrupt dealings government goes through. Human nature is not an argument
    for the existence of a state; the fact that it is a monopoly on
    expropriations if anything shows that human nature will make it that a
    State can never work.

  20. abubacar says:

    Income taxes didn’t really exist until the Civil War. I think its
    interesting that we now just accept it as a part of life.

  21. jonafromwales says:


  22. Lord Hawkeye says:

    No, you are incompatible our ideals because you’re a parasite who’s latched
    onto a convenient excuse to steal from others. So you then project your own
    moral failings onto humanity in general in order to normalize them so that
    you don’t have to face them.

  23. TheStig000 says:

    If corruption is a problem, then government will always be corrupt. Don’t
    worry, the fact that you are thinking about this means you are headed in
    the right direction. You will come to the right conclusion as long as you
    follow reason and evidence.

  24. Frozen Balsak says:

    Oh god, he said roads.

  25. REThink says:

    Always with the roads…-_-

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