New bill taxes ammo 50% could cause more panic buying

New bill if passed would tax handguns 20% and ammo 50% most likely this bill will not get passed but do you think it will cause more panic buying of ammo jus…
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  1. Mach Won says:

    Need to get these liberals out of office and return our country back to the
    great principles on which it was founded!?

  2. miragexl007 says:

    so more genius mentioning things about regulations on guns/ammo like our
    good president which actually promotes more guns in the population as well
    as more ammunition buying/storing. Makes you wonder what our leaders are
    thinking. I understand many moves are just for show…but come on.

  3. James Sween says:

    I have already panic’ed on buying reloading supplies and I can’t hardly
    find nothing on pistol ammo. So it sounds like to me the politicians are
    just making it fun for all the gun shops to get rich on ammunition and
    supplies. Pretty stupid! we are no rocket scientist, Or are we? They will
    never slow down crime! It is almost impossible. So they really need to
    think before they publicize or make them commitments. I like your youtube
    Thumbs up! We all need to fight this thing together. So Lets Go!

  4. Daniel W says:

    This is what the dumocrats do.If they can’t get gun control bills passed
    because the Majority of the House and a good part of the Senate dosen’t
    want it they try to ban ammunition.

  5. Bruce C says:

    enter me #4. . . btw didn’t we fight our 1st war over taxes? has no one

  6. Tom Z says:

    They will never stop in their effort to ban guns!

  7. Aint1S says:

    I just heard of this 10 minutes ago & I’m shocked, although I’m not
    surprised. It sounds to me as though someone is getting a little drunk on
    munition stocks and want to really keep the hysteria snowballing. Right
    about now is when we need a branch of govt to check certain stock
    portfolios and see just who is making a buck off of that 9-point, white
    tail buck average Joe harvests this year.

  8. Chris Jones says:

    And 45 ACP was like $16.97 a box damn how times have changed & not for the

  9. Chris Jones says:

    Good Vid Sir.

  10. Chris Jones says:

    Remember when Federal Champion 9mm was $9.47 a box? Man I miss the old days

  11. Chris Jones says:

    IMO The ammo shortage is not over until I can walk in to a w/m store and
    buy like 10 boxes of 9mm. Then do it again at another store only then will
    I honestly say the shortage has passed. I miss the good ole’ days of 9mm
    being plentiful 🙁

  12. Addicted2Ammo says:

    I’m starting to think that creating a panic buying situation is exactly
    what the government and ammo companies want. They want us to spend all our
    hard earned cash on ammo, for what reasons I do not know but I was starting
    to slow down until there was talk of taxing the crap out of it.

  13. Chris Jones says:

    I Agree there isn’t any ammo already so this just makes it worse IMO.

  14. jtguns88 says:

    I highly doubt this will pass.

  15. Chris Jones says:

    Thanks a lot ”OBUMMER” :((

  16. jtguns88 says:

    The “s” on Illinois is silent. 🙂

  17. G1collector82 says:

    I can see it happening cuz taxes on ciggarettes went up a while back to
    where instead of paying $30 for a carton u pay $60 so whats to stop them
    from making ammo go up

  18. Glockin .Grizzly says:

    Remember what happened when the brits overtaxed the tea. Same thing onely
    we’ll be twice as mad.

  19. GuyLivingOffGrid says:

    Liberal democrats are the lowest and I mean the LOWEST of animal species on
    earth! Greedy -corrupted POS control freaks, pardon my French!!

  20. Daniel k says:

    This will never pass no need to worry……

  21. David Adams says:

    DemocRATS are all Dain Bramaged and I am sick to death of them and their
    fearless commie leader. However, I don’t think this bill will cause any
    panic buying at this time like the first part of 2013. Heck, the commies
    couldn’t even pass their gun control bill through the commie controlled
    senate! That being said , we must always keep an eye on the IDIOTS in
    power.We must be vigilant and always be ready to do what ever is necessary
    to remain FREE!

  22. Brayden Blakemore says:

    Well colorado actually passed a magazine ban.

  23. jerod lonaker says:

    Thanks for keeping us updated and there is no way this will pass

  24. NWOIS666 says:

    Thanks for the heads up Troy! I am sick of taxes !

  25. Lone Archer says:

    The midterm elections are next year. Apparently, it is time once again to
    re-educate the Democratic party in the lesson taught to them in ’94. I’m no
    fan of the Tea party, but the threat is too great to ignore, we need to
    vote out EVERY DEMOCRAT up for re-election in the mid term elections
    regardless of who they are running against. It’s time they remembered that
    they are the employees and We The People are the bosses.

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