Music Industry 101: Selling Music, Advances, Publishing, Paying Taxes, etc.

http://www.twitter.com/ayoDame http://www.facebook.com/damebeats Dame gives upcoming producers and artists a general idea of the beat selling process from th…
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  1. DameTaylorTV says:

    You can write off anything, that doesn’t mean it’s advised. In the? long run, it will catch up to you I’m not about to give that info in my vids… You can if you want to though.

  2. DameTaylorTV says:

    Use the internet to market and promote yourself. there are hundreds that feel the same way… But now days, being a producer is more than just having good beats… It’s being smart enough to get them heard. Almost everyone nowdays has good/decent beats. It’s not my job to get? you heard, it’s up to you man. Use the info I give you to prepare for it if you get your shot. Good luck, dude.

  3. SwaggerRightProducti says:

    Good info but you got the Taxes wrong lot less then 34% of 10,000. U write off the cost of lawyer, middle man, and manage as a business expense.. Also at tax time you can write off 1 half of self employment tax. If your tax rate is 34% the rate of tax would be bout 26.5% of total taxable income. $7500 – $1987 = $5513 in the ball park. but shit if you legit you can write off the plain ticket buss? ticket hotel bill rental car.Just saying know the taxes.

  4. Da Brooklyn MasterMind says:

    Just what i needed to know? thanks a lot for the vid

  5. 479shortyd says:

    bro u are extremely helpful. thanks? for kickin knowledge

  6. MrAaronwilliford says:

    Hey are you feeling? better

  7. ShannR414 says:

    How is ur? health now?

  8. John Lansing says:

    If you could reply this would be terrific… I tore my acl twice like? you and the meniscus… Watching your videos really helped me get over the hump and i look up to you as a role model… If this means anything from a random 17 year old kid, i feel you have discovered the meaning of life.. you’re a tremendous person and i hope that you are repaid in the long run

  9. exzavier traylor says:

    lol i meant i really dont care if i have to pay a? manager or a&r right now!! my bad!!

  10. exzavier traylor says:

    ayo dame, I know my beats are good, but i just need help and some advice on getting hooked up with the right person or people ot hear my material.. i? really dont care if i have to a manager or a&r right now, shoot um trying to eat, i just want to get my music out there because i know i could really help someone and at the same time they will help me..

  11. strikaboy448 says:

    thanks? !

  12. niggapino85 says:

    Yo Cuz. Thanks for this video. Really helpful info. Just wanted to ask…you gave the example of $10,000 to charge a record company for a beat…Realistically though..how much could a producer completely new to the game with absolutely no credentials,? but makes really good music, charge to a label (or major artist)? Obviously $10,00 would be too much? Thanks in advance.

  13. Derrick Hobbs says:

    Preciate ya? homie!!!!

  14. Vashonda Sherra says:

    Thank you? for sharing

  15. reginald johnson says:

    straight up A+? G.A.M.E

  16. iitsJayFresh says:


  17. PorterOfficialTV says:

    im a recording artist and im always wondering whats the regulations with sampleing in a beat i lease beats over the internet but how am i suppost to know if i can get sued because there was a sample that wasnt cleared i didnt know of atm im giving music out for free so its not really a problem but wen i get my? fanbase to a point were i can make money could i get screwed over or would it fall on the producer

  18. Inspirmentalist says:

    and yea man, paying them taxes are? important.

  19. Inspirmentalist says:

    this was some good information my dude. i think even if i did get placements, i’d still keep a job. ?

  20. FliBoiTV1 says:

    moral of the story:ceep the money dont blow !t as soon as? yu get !t

  21. Dice562 says:

    So if you produce multiple songs on a album do you get multiple points??

  22. caramelking2000 says:

    Why is Selling Music Taxed ?!!!? ~ ILLUMINATI

  23. jroye82 says:

    Dead? on. Been there done that.

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