More Margaret Hodge hypocrisy over Google and taxes (19May13)

While Labour MP Margaret Hodge continues on her vendetta on companies like Google and Amazon who pay very little UK taxes on vast profits, she “forgets” to s…
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  1. Stuber9077 says:

    Hodge the Dodge. She shamelessly glues herself to the poor yet is a corporatist who crushes the low to middle income groups who allow the poor to climb out of the socialist trap of welfare.
    Google are paying their fair share. If it illegal charge them with evasion if not shut up. Ask Hodge if she pays one penny more than she is required in order to support her wonderful brand of corporate slavery. I am? going for freedom and liberty and a free market to put these charlatans out of business.

  2. gawagney says:

    I think, Infloresence, is a conglomeration of various members of parliament? Found your channel today, after noticing one? of my subscriptions had subscribed, and certainly will NOT be unsubscribing. You just keep on doing what you do best…… From one pleased subscriber. G….ps. There’s an awful over use of variants on the verb, subscribe, in that little message, I think!!! All the best, my friend.

  3. anarchoutis says:


  4. liarpoliticians says:

    So we? cannot blame the politicians that wrote the tax laws, for people using those sam e laws to limit how much tax they pay. Your world is very strange that you can’t see where the blame is and the solution.

  5. ljlondon says:

    Milipede is such a liar! He is a massive supporter of the EU, Google pays tax in the country? of their choice under EU law. Same as Hodge – who’s family company paid only £163k on revenues of £2 Billion last year! I don’t dispute that Hodge has paid the correct tax under the law, but what a hypocrite Hodge is!!

  6. irdial says:

    What I cannot understand is how anyone actually takes one look at this person, hears her voice, her death wish opinions on everything and then votes for her? Are? they all completely INSANE? There is nothing at all in Margaret Hodge that would make anyone want her to be in charge of an empty can of beans; how is it that the British electorate are so INCREDIBLY STUPID?

  7. Infloresence says:

    Just unsubscribing from this numbnut? chanel, one day you will think of solutions rather than just your infantile blame game.

  8. ukpropaganda says:

    The Commons Select Committee events are? nothing but staged pantomimes.
    Our MPs are often called ‘political actors’ ; more like just plain ACTORS.

  9. yippitydodah says:

    Google are corporate international? conglomerate bastard bullies, fucking cunts like the rest of them. And people having a go at Hodge are fools – she dodges a small fraction of tax that those Google cunts dodge in this cunting country.

    Sorry for the flowery language, but it is needed at times.

  10. Siegetower says:

    Well said.?

  11. Siegetower says:

    No such thing as ‘fair share’ of tax. Such? a loaded deceptive term. Your tax liability is just what the government decides for itself you shall pay, through the rules the government sets.

  12. MrTolleMolle says:

    Stupid woman only pays? 0.25% tax anyway. Why should a company pay a ‘fair’ share, they should pay a legal rate not this moral rubbish.
    companies only have a moral duty to create wealth in anyway possible

  13. Films4You says:

    I criticise M.P’s? over their Tax affairs

  14. Peter IcYou says:

    Fits a bitch a dog? she is

  15. James Debrick says:

    Liberal-Socialists are a disgusting vile breed of perverts and here we have Margaret Hodge a “labour” squealer who is the epitome of perversion in all its forms being the righteous? hypocrite she only knows how! Hang Her, and the politically correct retards that follow her!!!

  16. BritishMoralHQ says:

    so for? all along these times…the accountant knew transaction was held in uk but accounted for in ireland..huh..UK was the entity that gave google that revenue..

  17. MrTech012 says:

    Can Channel 4 be more biased than the BBC? Certainly looks like? it! Who’s pulling the strings behind all this?

  18. Mizztah D says:

    Wow what a? slag

  19. DeadOriginal says:

    I see Channel 4’s”unbiased” (lol) reporting failed to point out how Margaret Oppenheimer’s own? family business uses the same loop-holes..!

  20. Paultootall1971 says:

    Margret Hodge was in charge at? Islington when there was child abuse there and covered it up. She is corrupt and immoral. Any amount of going after google will not cover up the fact that she protected pedophiles.

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