Modern RG Land Destruction vs Death and Taxes

Dan plays RG Land Destruction in Modern. More Modern on MagicGatheringStrat: Dan plays a Modern Masters Swiss Draft 8-man tournament. OTHER MODERN CONTENT ON…



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  1. magicgatheringstrat says:

    I thought that was a Legacy deck? Haven’t heard about it in Modern before, but I believe you and will change the? name

  2. zyx242526 says:

    Hi Dan, I believe your opponent’s deck is called Death and Taxes. It uses Leonin Arbiter and Aven Mindcensor? in conjunction with Path to Exile and Ghost Quarter to “tax” the opponent (preventing them from benefiting from Ghost Quarte and using fetchlands and tutors). Then it uses Aether Vial and Momentary Blink type creatures (Stonecloaker and Flickerwisp) to take advantage of Mangara for the “death” aspect.

  3. magicgatheringstrat says:

    Thanks. That was a pretty good? analysis. I didn’t read Blade Splicer to the end … This is not a match I was proud of, but at least I learned something

  4. 09F911029D74E35BD841 says:

    I see the second deus didn’t? walk straight into it, he flashed out another blade splicer and gave first strike to his golems, anyway he used first strike combat tricks.

  5. 09F911029D74E35BD841 says:

    14:30 They didnt die because of first strike, the first deus dies because he vials in another blade splicer to have 6 first strike damage as a combat trick, next deus just walks straight into 6 power’s worth of first strike, then later? on I think he bounced the splicer so at the very end they didn’t have first strike when you hovered over them.

    17:55 You added RGGGG that’s why!

    23:56 safe 🙂

    But like 2 mistakes per game is like you’re grinder tired

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