Marquis Taxes

The New TV Commercial From Marquis Taxes fka Mo Money Taxes!
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  1. Richard Donovan Papp says:

    Meet the new thugs, same as the old thugs…

  2. cyntmichalt says:

    Smh and LOL at the same time. This is a mess!

  3. DirkDigglerN757 says:

    Stay far away from this company you have been warned scammed a lot people
    here in the Hampton Roads area..

  4. Ismael Delosantos says:

    loool this is hilarious lock how he walking like a limp looking like he cool

  5. HaggisMcCrablice says:

    So there’s two of these companies–Marquis Taxes and Southern Kings
    Taxes….and Markee Granberry holds both leases. Ol’ Markee fairly
    surrounds himself with criminals–the guy at 0:44 is a registered sex
    offender. Ye shall judge them by the company they keep. When Granberry’s
    luck runs out and he finally goes to prison for fraud, his pal The Big Fat
    Fartknocker will be back on welfare. And once again, it’s on.

  6. nate g says:

    Scammed a lot of people out of money in my town last year.

  7. Raven Harris says:

    Wow, tax accountants are freaking PIMPS! Getting to walk down a hall in
    slow motion with food racks & trays behind them. And the ebonics scream
    out… reputable establishment. AND its in the plaza with a Chucky Cheese,
    can this get any better?

  8. Dexter Morgan II says:

    You should be ashamed of yourself for wearing that Masonic Jewel around
    your neck. You sir are not what the order is all about. You bring disgrace
    upon Masonry by wearing it in such a fashion and try to use it as a symbol
    for something you are NOT!

  9. jmorris023 says:

    Is that Jackie the attorney from Seinfeld at the end?

  10. kitaboo1980 says:


  11. William Phelps says:

    The typical slow motion walk in.

  12. realsc00ter says:

    why do yall have to be niggas about this? just act professional and maybe
    you wont have the IRS and police up yo ass.

  13. qbandan11 says:

    Gee I wonder what demographic is their target market…

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