Margaret Hodge on ropes over business taxes (16May13)

Labour MP Margaret Hodge complains about companies like Google and Amazon for paying little taxes, then gets laid into for her business dealings. Hodge made …



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  1. lorraine6051 says:

    Hodge covered up for the paedos who were raping kids in Islington’s
    childrens homes in North London in the 80s. Why has this evil woman never
    been charged with aiding and abetting child rape??

  2. liarpoliticians says:

    The politicians wrote the tax laws in the first place, of course they know
    what to do.

  3. coltrane1966 says:

    The politicians are ‘tax dodging bastards’ too, Labour is also a PLC and
    trade under the name of their foreign sectary because he has diplomatic
    status and they can get through all sorts of tax loopholes. When in power
    they (Labour) traded under the name ‘Alister Darling PLC’ the Cons also do
    this there is a ‘David Cammeron PLC’ also.

  4. wellum1 says:

    Yea lets chase companys like terriers cos then they wont have time to check
    MP, S tax returns.Typical horrible politicians. Everyone needs to pay more
    except them lawful rebellion is all thats left . NO more consent Till they
    shrink govenment to a level of only requiring 20% of our money.

  5. anarchoutis says:


  6. Kegga999 says:

    Just legislate to tax these overseas companies on the money exported abroad.

  7. james morleyjmor says:

    they are all shits

  8. MrTech012 says:

    So so true!! France is a classic example of how super tax or ‘hate tax’ on
    the rich drives business in to decline. The art of Socialism ‘Making
    everybody equally poorer”

  9. tommydhammer says:

    All this “moral obligation” stuff is complete bollocks. If anyone could
    avoid paying tax then they would, if Hodge could avoid tax and get away
    with it, her “moral obligation” would mean fuck all in a heartbeat. If you
    want Google, Amazon, Starbucks and others to stop dodging the treasury then
    stop trying to tax the hell out of them, because just like us these
    companies don’t want to see their money pissed down the drain by the

  10. james d says:

    if we were not in the eu we could make our own laws when it comes to this
    kind of thing..

  11. roflcopter2006 says:

    Isn’t this the same Hodge that voted for the Iraq War, and then it turned
    out she’d directly profited from the Iraq war?

  12. PeterboroughTom says:

    It’s so frustrating when lefties talk about other people’s money as if it’s
    theirs. Keep your money-grabbing hands to yourself and get out of people’s

  13. lorraine6051 says:

    Why is Hodge still working in government? When she was leader of my borough
    in the early 80s (Islington) she was told by two social workers that all of
    the borough’s kids homes had been infiltrated by paedos. Not only did Hodge
    do nothing she ordered the staff who knew of this evil to keep quiet! Now
    if you or me knew that kids were being regularly raped and pimped out, and
    if you or me tried to cover it up, we would be charged with attempting to
    pervert the course of justice.

  14. Paolo Castillo says:

    whomp whomp.

  15. DeadOriginal says:

    .yep, they set the benchmark for every other crooked fucker to adhere to..

  16. yellowpinko says:

    Scum! google Margaret hodge / mark trotter

  17. liarpoliticians says:

    Didn’t Kay do well, upset poor old Hodge.

  18. Irdial Discs says:

    I’m fascinated by the Brits who bash Google for following the law to the
    letter. Do they want Google to sack all its UK employees and do all their
    business over the net from another country? Or do they just hate it that
    they are paying their staff (who pay taxes) and helping businesses do
    business in the UK and world-wide through their advertising platform? The
    nasty, bitter, jealous, brainwashed Brit seems to hate job creators but
    wants “jobs for all”. Totally insane!

  19. MrBILLYSEQUINS says:

    “I’m not..I’m not..I told you..I’m not..I don’t..I haven’t…..top

  20. John Eunson says:

    i could understand her point but did she have to be so rude when
    questioning the gentleman from google? i think he was was very controlled
    while being attacked by a ‘harpie’.

  21. Teddy McNabb says:

    your an admirer of an expenses cheat and someone who presided over one of
    the biggest child abuse scandals that has never fully been held to account?
    Do you like her PIE mates in Ed,s cabinets such as the Deputy Leader,
    expenses, recidivist Harman, throw in hubby Dromey, mp by nepotism/elitism

  22. DeadOriginal says:

    .. naw.. that was Marge Oppenheimer.. 😉

  23. MrCnoufesd says:

    trelelelel she mad

  24. slurbulance says:

    Margaret Hodge is an unbelievably stupid women. Businesses are there to
    make money and serve the shareholders. Tax is a cost so guess what? They
    are going to minimize it! If companies aren’t breaking the law then shut
    the fuck up.

  25. Handy Andy says:

    So what about the thousands of people who these companies employ all of
    whom have NIC and PAYE tax deducted from wages and passed to the
    government? Margaret Hodge, one of the failures of the last government
    lives in Islington and has millions from STEMCOR her family business which
    pays £163000 in tax on turnover of billions. LOL. UK is rapidly falling
    into a communist state. It is scary.

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