Make Under 200k? Romney Will Raise Your Taxes

“This week, the Tax Policy Center, a nonpartisan think tank run by the Brookings Institution and the Urban Institute, released a provocative report showing t…



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  1. Jack Adams says:

    Cenk for the trifecta.?

  2. The Young Turks says:

    Make Under 200k? Romney Will Raise Your Taxes http://youtu.be/dfJTI3N1vOs?

  3. Shadoninja says:

    Here is something to think about for all you democrats: all of Obama’s
    followers are attacking Romney for one thing. ONE thing, and that is saying
    this guy is running for president to make more money. Do you really think
    that this millionaire is trying to run for president just to make some more
    money? Not a chance in hell.

  4. Carlos Ayala says:

    Welcome to “democracy”

  5. Rockownz5150 says:

    The USSR had nothing to do with socialism. Read Chomsky’s “The Soviet Union
    vs. Socialism”.

  6. rick james says:

    BTW THis guy should rly go back to hosting man vs food or something because
    TyShits display everthing wron with ‘journalism’ today in equating it with
    this back-of-a-political tabloid editorial pass-it-along style REPORTING
    that millions of other people do in their bedroom backdrop with a webcam
    .but wearing a suit n tie with the classic FOX style female distraction
    co-anchor and TMZ-esque yes-men all around you in front of a
    cardboard/green screen backdrop somehow makes you more credible? PLZ

  7. sprtguyd338427 says:

    WOW! I guess that ole saying is true! There’s a sucker born every minute. I
    almost feel sorry for you.

  8. shittyfagg says:

    Ahh. I liked that last bit, Cenk.America’s voting system isn’t rigged
    (yet), but the money you guys spend on ads for political candidates makes
    it incredibly hard for average TV viewers to filter out the bullshit. And,
    yes, to my knowledge, more bullshit flies in from the right.

  9. AholeAtheist says:

    “If we had a democracy no one would even vote for this guy.” – Cenk Uygur.

  10. Shadoninja says:


  11. maikerunonamida says:

    this is pure misrepresentation because you are only telling part of a
    complicated story…don’t worry though, im not going to sit here and defend
    Obama, because he is fucking up, and i don’t support him any longer…but,
    i also wont be one of the people dumb enough to lay all the blame on
    him…wars arent cheap…niethr are bailouts for incompetent greedy
    bankers…neither are tax returns for oil companies, or subsidies for that
    matter…Obama did all that in your mind?

  12. cfrahm19 says:

    I’m independent. Don’t agree with obama liberal views. But will u be better
    off if y r a lower middle class.

  13. MaicoMoon says:

    You said that last election, faggot.

  14. nathernrock says:

    LIBERTARD. fUCK liberTARdiSM!!!!!

  15. maikerunonamida says:

    again…you started off good, but then went to the “dont put all your eggs
    in the same basket analogy”…its not about diversity…people dont
    “invest” in the fucking cayman islands…are you really that naive?? do you
    think that the thought process is “man, ya know the caman islnds are just
    boomig with new opportunities…i think ill invest ther”…moron…its a
    fucking tax heaven…

  16. Joey Andres says:

    Move to Canada evybody.

  17. Donald Samuels says:

    His paycheck as President would not be his only income. And besides even if
    it was you are still ignoring the rich mofos paying for his campaign. And
    your last point makes no sense. What protests? Cenk is saying if democracy
    worked how it was suppose to in America no one would vote for this guy
    unless you see a discernible reason to vote for Romney that Cenk and I

  18. Hughganaught says:

    You covetness commie make me sick. I’m tired of your harping on “taxbreaks
    for the rich.” I would prefer a flat percentage for everyone. Rich and poor
    alike. The poor pay nothing. So they get a free ride on the backs of the
    rich. No more childcare credits either, the wetbacks would howl.

  19. rick james says:

    the big illusion with repub vs demo is that they are all funded by the same
    group of people pepsi vs coke both will clean the copper off a penny/give u
    diabetes in too large an amount ron paul will be used merely to take away
    liberal voters from bama (a la Ralph Nader) anyone who says the
    presidential voting system (and the system in general) isn’t easily
    rigged/influenced on demand wasn’t in the USA for the 2000 election, and
    realized how shitted up both parties are since GW GOT REELECTED

  20. enjoitheworld416 says:

    Tax raises on the middle class? Impending war with Iran? If Romney wins
    this election I am getting the fuck out of this country.

  21. Hellobama12 says:

    The tax policy center lacked specifics of romney’s tax reform plan.
    Therefore, its study is inconclusive until romney provides more details of
    his plan. If taxes do rise on the middle class it would be as a side
    effect. Romney’s tax reform does not only cut taxes for the rich that is
    often assumed. Here’s what romney’s tax reform does and tries to achieve:…

  22. Hellobama12 says:

    …it cuts marginal tax rates by 20% for everybody (including the middle
    class), it exempts most middle class from paying taxes on investment (which
    encourages investment), and it cuts corporate tax rates from 35% to 25%.
    The purpose for these is to encourage investment and increase joa growth
    and lowering inflation….

  23. sprtguyd338427 says:

    as a real American I would expect nothing less from a soulless zombie
    rethuglican sheeple like you!!!

  24. CLICKME19 says:

    Well, this is a reality we don’t have to worry about

  25. Zergikun says:

    “Fucking idiots” that sums up the US population nicely. If you look at the
    politics, that is.

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