Louie Gohmert: Raise Taxes On The Poor

Rep. Louie Gohmert rallied a fawning audience at a Tea Party gathering in South Carolina two weeks ago for his proposal for a massive expansion of federal ta…



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  1. Joe Haas says:

    He doesn’t want to RAISE taxes on the poor. He wants to make the poor pay
    taxes period. Sales tax doesn’t count because everyone else has to pay that
    on top of paying income, property, etc.?

  2. Peter McLoughlin says:

    Wow tax the poor and lower it on the rich. How many goobers in his district
    will buy into this shit??

  3. MintV2 says:

    Learning to speak Republican:
    1) Broaden the tax base = screw the poor & middle class
    2) Pro family = anti-gay
    3) Right to work = right to work for less?

  4. tony weads says:

    i agree with flat income tax only with no exception, no sale taxes , no
    subsidies, loopholes, and any other form of taxes . that will be the most
    fairest way. here what it will do, it will eliminate the irs, the rich will
    no longer take advantage of it to get ultra rich, it will insure job cause
    that the only way the gov get paid, simplify to keep track of spendings,
    you know this would actually cause to balance out the system by adjusting
    to it . ?

  5. AholeAtheist says:

    Seriously?! Fucking sociopath.?

  6. FallaciousScotsman says:

    I don’t think Kyle explained how flat tax works very well. For anyone
    who’s confused on how 16% on your income is a lot for the poor but not much
    for the rich when they’re the same percent of income, what you need to take
    into account is the cost of living as a percentage of your budget. Taking
    16% away from a 3,000$ monthly budget could prevent you from paying the
    bills on a 900$ per month apartment for your family. Whereas taking 16%
    away from a 30,000,000$ budget hardly changes the small effect that costs
    under 5,000$ have on the remaining budget. So it’s a combination of how
    much your living costs are as a percentage of your income in addition to
    the income tax cutting into your income.?

  7. bobothecreepyclown says:

    Bring back slavery. Red headed left handers should be put in chains & made
    to chip cotton.?

  8. Carlos Santiago says:

    Lousy Piece of Shit Mother Fucker, I wouldn’t piss on Gohmert if he was on
    fire. This fucker can go jump into a dirty sewer and die. I know there’s no
    substance in what I said and it’s full insult and it shouldn’t be any
    surprise, but it just pisses me off that this prick is around saying this
    stupid shit. I don’t trust Dems for the most part, I trust Republicans
    never. Kill yourself Louie Gohmert.?

  9. Secular Talk says:
  10. Phil Hmp says:

    How about removing all the tax dodges, trusts and exemptions that the
    wealthy use to avoid paying their taxes?
    Sadly don’t hold your breath waiting because the politicians themselves
    exploit those loopholes. ?

  11. Aneas10 says:

    When a billionaire needs tax break or an international corporation needs a
    subsidy, money grows on trees. But when a poor person gets an extra $1,
    they suddenly become the party of fiscal responsibility. ?

  12. NightfallGemini says:

    So much for the GOP being a tax refuge for ‘patriots’. Feel like suckers
    yet, Teatards, Lolbertarians and Repubs? Do you get it yet? They fucking
    hate you. You are useful idiots to them. They are using your votes to throw
    you under the bus for profit. They aren’t even hiding it anymore because
    they know you’ll still fucking vote for them as long as they trot out more
    lizardman-esque conspiracy theory about Obama.?

  13. Kima Gilles says:

    Stop republican from destroying the beautiful country we love…?

  14. KeyOfTwilight777 says:

    Considering everything else Gohmert says, I’m not shocked. :(?


    And I thought the TEA party stands for the “Taxed Enough Already” party.
    Money is one hell of a drug.?

  16. mike61524334251 says:

    This guy is nuts!?

  17. Prototype Atheist says:

    Wait, what? The government should give money to poor people so that they
    can reinvest it into the government?

    Around and around we go!?

  18. Kima Gilles says:

    Crazy yay?

  19. user15487 says:

    sorry that was kind of garbled. it’s hard to type on a phone.?

  20. Pat Clute says:

    The ironic part and something Liberals and Democrats need to bring up is
    EVERY wage earner pays federal incomes to help run the government
    throughout the year…i.e. the federal withholding’s now grated if the
    don’t make enough they get it back but through the year they’re
    paying…ALL wage earners do, yet not the investor class you only pay if
    they receive a capital gain from selling their investment, same with all
    the job creators who pay taxes only if profitable & every three months
    whereas wage earners pay every time they’re paid?

  21. sven christiansen says:

    Louis,Louis,Louis! Please get with the program. The rich are soaring and
    the rest of us are dying with your obstructionist GOP ideals! You’re
    killing us!?

  22. gcrady says:

    Thou the simplistic ideal of a flat tax is appealing, the reality would not
    play out that way. Tax shelters and corporate welfare would obviously
    remain in place and worsen the burden on those who can’t participate in
    gaming the system.
    Even worse, a flat tax would not be implemented as a total liability,, but
    would probably be set as a base for all levels of administration. 15%
    federal, 15% state, 15% local,,,, do the math = not good.?

  23. legocarlinistXIII says:

    “If reelected, I promise to cut taxes for the rich and use the poor as a
    cheap source of teeth for aquarium gravel!” – Nixon’s head, Futurama?

  24. ReiGrim says:

    Goddammit! Who let Louie out of his cage again??

  25. user15487 says:

    kyle, love your show, man. now I’m not defending the Tea Party, Im just
    talking taxes.

    for a person in my position, who works, makes $30k and is taxed to 8k, a
    flat tax sounds really good.

    the problem comes with deductions. there is no way in hell you’re going to
    get rid of all the deductions and replace it all a flat tax. those
    deductions ultimately fund our politicians and they will not be so keen to
    give up their funding. So we will have a flat tax with loopholes for the

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