Lewis Black: I should pay more taxes

Comedian Lewis Black talks to CNN’s Anderson Cooper on the art of paying taxes and how to translate tax forms.



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  1. ahigheztarget says:

    @MrHuckFin1 Where is all this animosity coming from? Are you taxed so
    highly as to not be able to afford your current standard of living?

  2. ahigheztarget says:

    @dancesonpoles Donating to charities is tax deductible…

  3. Chris Rakers says:

    @6ft7inHIBread Donating money is the most MORONIC thing a person can do.its
    like giving a stranger money on the street to go pay your mortgage.What do
    you think he/she’s going to do instead?? Just cause it say charity,doesn’t
    mean they’re not just as crooked as the WHOLE rest of society that has
    other strangers money.They will live a lavish lifestyle thanks to naive ppl
    like yourself.Theirs a billion+ dollars missing from the Haiti
    Earthquake.Yeah it just got lost,huh?? Wake UP

  4. whohasye says:

    Please donate more of your money Lewis. We should have a 75% tax on all
    forms of media and entertainment industry income. They seem to love all the
    programs that an ever-growing big government wants to create. Put your
    money where your mouth is then.

  5. FatalPapercuts says:

    Here’s an idea: you can opt to not pay taxes, but if your house ever
    catches fire, the firemen can pull up a file, say “oh, this guy said he
    didn’t want to help fund us, we don’t have to help him” and let your house
    and all your belongings burn to the ground whilst your family dies from
    smoke inhilation. Everyone wins!

  6. SMWhit3out says:


  7. BORN2LOSE13 says:

    This Country was founded on limited Government and to escape being taxed to
    death. This man is an idiot.

  8. Renee S says:

    Well if ALL the taxes actually went to only good things then I wouldn’t
    mind paying them either…But their not always used for the best things,
    and some states will use them on whatever they can just because they have
    to use up the money by a certain date.

  9. darrenritt27 says:

    There is a BIG difference between STATE and FEDERAL TAXES.

  10. kartman13 says:

    I don’t remember the republicans demanding government help with respect to
    gas prices, but I do know they were calling for more drilling in the US.

  11. Chris Rakers says:

    @heavenshaffer I thing you’re confused with what really gets paid for,like
    wars,policing the world,illegal wire tapping,and of course making
    corporations happy.I could go on,but I see you’re programmed. from 1st to
    12 grades they teach you all that Government controlled text books BS.I
    don’t blame you for being naive,along with 8 other morons.You’ve never been
    aloud to think on your own.It’s ok just stay blind and go to work.You mean
    teachers that are paid to program America BTW!!

  12. SMWhit3out says:

    @6ft7inHIBread Hey dumbass, there is a big difference between DONATING to
    help and people FORCEFULLY TAKEING YOUR MONEY to help. its bullshit.

  13. Andrew Stephenson says:

    Republicans are so funny. They cry foul when gas prices increase and demand
    government to help, but when it comes to education and transportation,
    since that doesn’t help the car-owning, working conservatives, they don’t
    give a f**k. It’s all about them.

  14. Renee S says:

    @6ft7inHIBread Our taxes aren’t going to the poor or needy too well when
    the amount of homeless people is on the rise. I’ve seen the money go
    towards “fixing” roads that don’t need fixed.Giving back to others doesn’t
    mean you should pay taxes to your government who generally doesn’t give a
    shit about the individual. It’d be nicer to help people more with money
    that isn’t taken from me and in ways I choose to use it to help others.Not
    leaving it up to the government to take it and “do something.”

  15. MrHuckFin1 says:

    Yes Mr. Black PLEASE feel free to give more of your money away, DO NOT
    promote having more of my money forcibly extracted from me you JACK ASS! Oh
    and how the HELL is paying tax some how “patriotic?” Eat me!

  16. KoC221 says:

    @whohasye No one pays that much though.

  17. FIERO871 says:

    Fuck youtube ads!

  18. saberur66 says:

    do you not realize, we subsidize oil companies. like a shit ton, which is
    why gas prices fluctuate a lot?

  19. kartman13 says:

    The US tax subsidy to oil companies is around 3-5 billion a year, which is
    really an insignificant amount. And the reason gas prices fluctuate, supply
    and demand, the same as any commodity.

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