Let’s Raise Taxes

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  1. Kenzo Finucane says:

    id vote for you rather than the usual payd-off candidates but only if you
    were mainly supported by money that doesnt come from corporations that try
    to achieve/maintain monopolies/partial monopolies/oligopolies because your
    opinion is that of reasoning and not one that is paid by those who are so
    powerful that they can increase their power by changing laws and is most of
    the time bad for most of the people?

  2. RipTheJackR says:

    TJ will never be able to run, he’ll be sitting on a rascal scooter eating
    cheeseburgers, and thats why I love him ;D DISAPPOINTINGLY JIGGLY ARM!!! 😀
    much love?

  3. theelephanttaco says:

    @Patience1138 did you notice the subtle sarcasm?

  4. ammoMtaFoY says:


  5. Jesse Austin says:

    This is absolutely correct. I hate how republicans whine and bitch about
    high taxes all the time, and they’re not willing to levy a cent of our
    military budget. If we didn’t have such a towering military we could
    actually pay for the things about which the republicans always say “I don’t
    want MY tax dollars going to…” (you know, marriage/race equality,
    religious freedom, etc.) We could solve our climate crisis, hunger crisis,
    and STILL have the world’s largest military, but we don’t do it!

  6. Luka Hays says:

    well said. well said indeed.

  7. MrThegun1911 says:

    I would elect him president. lol

  8. YexaC . says:

    Alright, I assumed that’s what you meant. I was just curious because on the
    internet (Mainly gaming) I’ve met a lot of British, Aussies and NZ people
    who literally thought every American was ignorant, stupid, illiterate and
    obese lol.

  9. cr4yv3n says:

    Is that “When johnny comes marching home” in the background? XD

  10. Spider58x says:

    Finally some with some dame sense.

  11. tstruss912 says:

    49% should be the highest bracket.

  12. Giovanni Foulmouth says:

    libtard >> contard

  13. nateman92509 says:

    I dissagree, shouldn’t cut the military.

  14. silversnake4133 says:

    I’d so vote for you. Better to have a president that has some common sense
    than a person who always panders to either party. Hell, why are those
    Congress people even being paid? They don’t do anything that a normal
    middle school student couldn’t already do.

  15. IreOfSilverpine says:

    I had to think about it because what’s even more blatantly obvious is that
    the government is a terribly inefficient beast that serves only to further
    the ends of those who control it. With that in mind, the idea that
    government will ever cut back on the military and invest that money into
    ‘the people’ is only moderately more realistic than the idea that we may
    some day need no governments at all.

  16. erik3423 says:

    Funny, I could have sworn we are only in one war…. Feel free to join us
    when you come back to earth.

  17. oiyabastard says:

    oh one war? put your other hand up and extend all five fingers add them to
    the other hand with the one finger and add em 6 wars not to mention his
    other wars on energy, jobs the constitution, and racial harmony

  18. sarepaar says:

    first video of you I completely agree with!

  19. GSboyNEO says:


  20. Pikuwashi says:

    LOL 8)

  21. ihatecountry777 says:

    Lol, tax cuts created the deficit, not government spending out their ass on
    entitlements people have no constitutional right to. We should keep
    stealing money from people, that should help the economy.

  22. YexaC . says:

    By ignorant Americans do you imply that Americans are all ignorant, or by
    ignorant Americans do you mean the group in America that’s ignorant..?

  23. nintendo768 says:

    AmazingAtheist on a religious video- Ignorant proud asshole. AmazingAtheist
    on a nonreligious video- FUCKING GENIUS!

  24. gothicfan51 says:

    What’s the name of this song? I know, it is probably some popular patriotic
    song and I should be ashamed of not knowing it’s name… Can I get the
    title now?

  25. Giovanni Foulmouth says:

    but i’ll never stop dreaming

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