Let’s Play Europa Universalis III: Death and Taxes (P0)

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  1. lol1143 says:

    Hahaahaha…that crossover thing? was hilarious

  2. Speer2814 says:

    Thanks? a lot and I will try watch your videos.

  3. Ian Booton says:

    Fraps for recording video and audio recording, and I just use a? headset for my microphone. Fraps isn’t free but it is the best

  4. Speer2814 says:

    Lol nice video, I thought I was the only one who screws up. Hey just out of curiosity what type of videoing and microphone software or hardware do you use to tape yourself. I always wanted to something? like you, massive CKII wars are awesome and crazy.

  5. burak alagöz says:

    how can ? download th?s game . can u give? link.pleasseeeee

  6. Cool68594 says:

    Death and? taxes

  7. Aleksandar Visnja says:

    hey? wat mod is this

  8. OddboxAndrew says:

    There’s a tribe? called Wanka, I’m fucking dying XD

  9. IAlightenI says:

    I am trying to get this mod but I need the 5.1 version first to run all later versions, and whenever I go to the website required to download the mod it gives? me a 404 error code.? Can anybody help me out?

  10. Brian TIHM says:

    The Ottomans being tougher than Byzantium makes all sorts of sense.
    Also, Constantinople was? across the entire province of Thrace and I found it didn’t make sense that you could put ships in a city to keep enemies from crossing. Byzantium is an actual challenge with Death And Taxes, which I prefer over how easy it is in vanilla EU3 when you know what to do (and you do seem to know what to do).

  11. AlybearPlays says:

    When you say that that is the most Byzantium ever expanded to, do you? just mean in-game? Because in reality, Byzantium had all of Asia Minor, much of the Black Sea, had taken lands from the Turks, and had expanded down to Jerusalem.

  12. mrbeeboy2000 says:

    you dont actualy get it in 300 years random events happen and? you get cores

  13. Ian Booton says:

    I’m using an old version of Death and Taxes, so maybe the new version? has changed

  14. Gavrilo Jovanovic-Nemanjic says:

    if you mean normal date that is? from 1399 to 1821, because I see D&T timeline of some others let’s player that the time is starting from 1356 to 1856?

  15. Ian Booton says:

    D&T has the normal coring and date,? and you can get it at the Paradox forums. But in MEIOU it doesn’t actually take 300 years, it just happens via event.

  16. Gavrilo Jovanovic-Nemanjic says:

    Hey hobbit I instal MEIOU but I don’t like that you need 300 years to? gain a core so I got a few questions 1) in D&T you play same as in MEIOU from 1356 to 1856? 2) do you need 300 years to gain a core? 3) where I can download it like MEIOU and do I need only patch 5.1 to have this game?

  17. Gamerbro Hetzel says:

    When I play all the towns and crap? are in the water or my men go crazy and walk into the wrong province help me please

  18. randomnessnstuff says:

    nice lps dude!?

  19. Ian Booton says:

    Da? interwebz

  20. david882011 says:

    were? i get ?

  21. Ian Booton says:

    What was??

  22. mrkuilko says:


  23. mrkuilko says:

    Good? god this was heard to find

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