Let’s Play Europa Universalis III Death and Taxes Multiplayer Byzantium Part 1

Well, the saves for MEIOU got corrupted, and Now I’m starting this! 😀 http://europa.freeforums.org/ https://twitter.com/#!/TotalWarNinja.
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  1. Christoffer Stenman says:

    No.. he’s funny… he’s like… a regular dude playing a? small country that got’s fucked in the Arse.

  2. alexg6464 says:

    TWNinja, Y U SO GOOD? AT EU 3? xD

  3. maxozden says:

    wow you do have a lot of? danish people watching

  4. MrSnazzleBox says:

    The guy playing Holland should shut the fuck up? and stop complaining.

  5. jgwebb1o1 says:

    well duh

  6. KingKoodaz says:

    Ah…. hit? puberty?

  7. XanderPig says:

    You guys are? hilarious

  8. OttoVonBismark1871 says:

    new amsterdam changed to new york because the dutch used to own new york. the english then took it and named it? after the duke of york

  9. animewarrior3 says:

    you? can tell these guys are good friends… least from this video I think they are

  10. TheBritishRoman says:

    Never type in? tuat box, and ypu shout at me for that

  11. Rayan Guedri says:

    how do you do? to play online ? ( not LAN )

  12. wilhelmrk says:

    Wow, the byzantine empire converted.. guess the christian faith? is now reunited.

  13. Samuel Kirkpatrick says:

    Dude, the audio quality for this is absolute shit. Please tell me it gets better later in this series.?

  14. 959chris says:


  15. xXSmulleXx says:

    Det grin? ved 5:12 det var amazing!!!!:-D

  16. TotalWarNinja says:

    It did. I’ve been on YouTube for almost 2 years 😀 So as you can imagine, my voice has changed :)?

  17. SimpleYTaccount says:

    you know..i just saw? an older video of yours..and your voice changed alot 😀

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