Let’s Play Europa Universalis 3 Death and Taxes 8.0 – Brandenburg – Part 1

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  1. Alexander Rose Thyren says:

    i love how you says in this vid you gonna finish your first EU4 game and
    then you just dont do it

  2. TheMartinftw says:

    wait till EU4 comes out

  3. Deadric97 says:

    I’ve just heard about this game, can someone pass me the latest version of
    it please?

  4. MythologicGhosts says:

    Yeah, I know.

  5. SkankyPrince says:

    Pretty please TotalWarNinja make some playlists.

  6. wilhelmrk says:

    That doesn’t mean that they doesn’t fought wars.. they just were sucessfull
    enough to not let other people grab their land in the peace treaty after
    that.. also the fact that they were surrounded by mountains and had it easy
    to defend themselves should matter there.

  7. ALEXANDER1318 says:

    Sorry, I thought you said ‘county’. I didn’t really pay attention.

  8. YakYak34 says:

    Should I get this game?

  9. TotalWarNinja says:

    They haven’t taken or lost any lands in 700 years though.

  10. ALEXANDER1318 says:

    Because it’s a bunch of mountains and mountain passes which are difficult
    to take, easy to defend and mostly devoid of usefull resources.

  11. MythologicGhosts says:

    Besides, Switzerland wasn’t a Republic in all it’s existence.

  12. absurdjoebob . says:

    cool danish people are awesome

  13. WickedSquatchy says:

    dude your profile pic is awesome. EMUS FTW

  14. khanh0403 says:

    wow really? they r so peaceful.

  15. MythologicGhosts says:

    Actually, I believe Switzerland was involved in many wars, especially with
    Italian states before it declared official Neutrality.

  16. Shock Trooper says:

    How do you form Prussia as Brandenburg in D&T? cuz I don’t see the decision
    to form it.

  17. TotalWarNinja says:

    Just for there to be no confusion, Switzerland was a Confederacy. 😉

  18. MythologicGhosts says:

    Country or Duchy, then.

  19. TheRiulu says:

    NOOO Norway! My home! Norway is not a TEA!!!

  20. minecraftandmorev3 says:

    that’s preity good to stay out of wars for that long!

  21. Russell-IGRP says:

    Fi-nally something

  22. Chris .James says:

    you and austria will most likely but heads in the future

  23. mrbeeboy2000 says:

    I wish I could still play -Milan 🙁

  24. tllporto says:

    and still is. 🙂

  25. MythologicGhosts says:

    So a Federal Republic means it’s not a country?

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