Let’s Play EU3, Death and Taxes,The Knights Episode 1

Jerusalem is lost, the crusaders were humiliated, nobody is in our side… In the end Islam won, but in The Knight’s last island there is still a general who…



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  1. shenryyr2 says:

    I really wanted to watch this series as the knights can be both fun and
    hard to play but you keep playing on normal difficulty, come on you’re
    better than that at least put it on very difficult. it’s not that hard!
    good luck all the same

  2. Jared Cameron says:


  3. mrbeeboy2000 says:

    deffinetly this adds a ton of provinces in the balkins and in europe I dont
    know about Asia it also give countries in africa a better chance!! this is
    by far better then divine wind

  4. EmeraldRhapsody777 says:

    Sounds like you need to secure Italy and vassalize the pope! ๐Ÿ˜€ Take a
    little revenge for your fallen rivals the knights Templar.

  5. John Smith says:

    why didnt you raise war taxes at the begining?

  6. julkkis666 says:

    tnx! i suspected it to have something to do whit vission but i never wod
    have thot of that!

  7. RomanFighter1 says:

    anyone notice that the subtitles are completely off ๐Ÿ˜›

  8. LordMacKarl says:

    No, it can takeover the player.

  9. LordMacKarl says:

    BTW, you should know that if the Pope gets roflstomped, there’s a chance
    that he’ll take over the Knights Of Saint John (The Knights).

  10. John Smith says:

    Dear estrategy002 I dont know why you arent a more popular lets player you
    do some of the hardest lets plays ive seen in the papal states and with
    this new one as the knights good luck and mabye someday you will get the
    noteratiy you deserve for your vidoes.

  11. EmeraldRhapsody777 says:

    Right, but the pope essentially supported the inquiry of the templars in
    France. He was a puppet of the King. Without papal consent, the inquiry
    into the templars would not have had the same impact it had across western
    Europe, where every sovereign was compelled to seize the assets of the
    templars, return them to the papacy, and abolish the houses of the order.
    So Philip the Fair in conjunction with the pope are responsible for the

  12. silvaisilva says:

    Como equilibrar a economia com tecnologia, de preferencia com Portugal? Nem
    mesmo quando eu dou liberdade ao povo (free subjects) e torno o paรญs
    inovativo eu tenho sucesso.

  13. LordMacKarl says:

    Oh, I meant that the Knights become the Pope

  14. biglos9d says:

    Do you recommend this mod over regular Divine Wind?

  15. Russell-IGRP says:


  16. DraugasLietuva says:

    Yes, but at the time Jagiellon Dynasty ruled over Poland, the Piasts were
    prievious them.

  17. Estrategy002 says:

    Thanks, I’ve done one LP on the highest difficulty once and I’m going to do
    so again from now onward.

  18. Estrategy002 says:

    I know, let’s hope they don’t get screwed up.

  19. Ludvig Johansson says:


  20. drnachos says:

    aaaw knights are boring. Do naples or something. ๐Ÿ˜›

  21. oi565 says:

    Is it possible to form Greece in EU3?

  22. gabriel bello says:

    eles tem um centro de comercio em lisboa mas ele e bem fraco eu acho que
    castile e morroco tambem ja comeรงam com um centro de comercio

  23. 19FilipeG99 says:


  24. mitch coleman says:

    lol similar version of total war

  25. KaizerFEED says:

    Listen to Shen he is a GOD ๐Ÿ™‚

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