Let’s Play EU3 Death and Taxes Poland part 1

Poland war death eastern europe epic sword polish winged hussars res publica spear trail shield russia ottomans byzantium balkans baltic tzar emperor america…
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  1. KubaPL456 says:

    I Poland ! 🙂 Fajnie(PL) -? Nice!(ENG)

  2. emboproductions97 says:

    i think that eu3 has a? longer time frame

  3. trollcena123mc says:

    Polska przejmuje film?

  4. Green Giant says:

    DeathAndTaxes(DOT)Com I? beleive.

  5. Dustin Treble says:

    where can? I download the D&T mod i cant find it anywhere

  6. Keeper Of Seven says:

    Aye, I expect EU4 to end up great with it’s expansions but at first expanded EU3? will be better (more options and game content, etc.)

  7. Estrategy002 says:

    Well I think you should? get both, because EU3 will be a better game untill EU4 gets all the expansions and be supported by mods.

  8. TheCommenEagle says:

    I wanted to ask? you a question….. is it worth getting EU3 chronicles now and play EU3 know or should i wait and het EU4 or should I get Both?

  9. pineapple880 says:

    which version of Death and Taxes is this? mine? just looks completely different, i have 8.6 apparently

  10. TheMichbel says:

    i? am from poland

  11. Mrpowderlord says:

    Yeah!? Form jaggeillon

  12. Jacob Alsworth says:

    YEEEEAAAAH! New? game!

  13. KubissusPL says:

    Yeeeaah!? Poland forever 😀

  14. Daleksaresupreme1 says:

    the horde are bastards in? early game

  15. hej2iscool says:

    Exciting chose? Estrategy ! 😀

  16. Justin Case says:

    To the? Moon!

  17. Asen Popov says:

    Is this really true? Did? you just start another EU3 LP

  18. DeadCake says:

    You have to register your provided CD-Key on the Paradox Forums and then you will? have complete access to the mods section for EU3.

  19. acummings359780 says:

    make a polish europe first take? all of germany.

  20. EpicCow123 says:

    what are the historical? lucky nations?

  21. Fallout3131 says:

    YAAY? EU3!!

  22. cjjjjames says:

    how do you download mods for? eu3 on steam?

  23. zwatt10 says:

    To? be honest I jizzed a bit when I saw this!

  24. Ludvig Johansson says:

    When will next episode be up?? 🙂

  25. Syafiq Nizar says:

    You? know, you can still be Holy Roman Emperor =3
    Just vassalise the electors^^ Brandenburg would be a nice first holy roman vassal =3
    and once u’ve annexed Bohemia and destroy Austria and Bavaria, u wont really have significant competition at all^^

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