Let’s Play EU3, Death and Taxes, Japan Ep1

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  1. Luis Alejandro Ibáñez-Solano says:

    Meeting in the middle presumably 🙂 ?

  2. Luis Alejandro Ibáñez-Solano says:

    It’s not unheard of for Iberians to speak good English you know 🙂 I don’t know about him, I learned to speak English by living in England.? Immersion is the best way to learn a language.

  3. Azsunes says:

    I know exactly what it does now but thanks it also changes naval combat which ends up making gallies stronger then? big ships and the first light ship but late game the get rolled over by big ships it also rebalanced all the trade goods to make exotic goods less op

  4. MrHestichs says:

    It changes Ai behaviour and makes sliders important, it does way more than just? that but i don’t know everything it does.

  5. Ronald Mcdonald says:

    you sound scandinavian, if you didnt say you were protugese i would? have not known

  6. Bantal700 says:

    how the heck u dont go bankrupt? i was playing shimazu, conquered the greed province north, had like 6 units i was losing 12ducats/year and then when i reduced them to 4 im? still losing the same amount, while the dude next to me has 30 ducats 6 military units, and he’s pretty much in deficit when i play themm but otherwise he gains money when the ai plays him.

  7. LiezAllLiez says:

    You should go for Akamatsu… theyre a OPM locked between two 3PMs and one 2PM with its second province far to the east (which gives you the ability to take its other province with the warscore from just one). All other? jap states are easy mostly.

  8. Jack Mann says:

    For future reference about Japan:
    Use spies like it’s going out of style, they have an option to create cores on enemy territory for you to take. There’s an option to hire ninjas which increases your spy production and efficiency but you need to have either the Espionage idea or a spymaster. ?

  9. Watanga10 says:

    The Knights if you hadn’t known? is doomed from the start

  10. ImperialIRSNNuke99 says:

    no it? is just EU3 on steroids crack and heroine

  11. Azsunes says:

    nah ive played through it afew times it basically allows u to start earlier and end earlier changes naval combat making it a lot harder to master and ai seems to be slightly smarter as well as having way more countries and some other? changes to balance stuff out

  12. WTF2BlueTiger says:

    this is clear speculations, but i think he is using a mod that gives more “scenarios” if you look at start date keep? in mind though its complete speculations but i recall someone with other eu3 lps that have the ordinary map.

  13. Flamesofthunder says:

    Sorry i meant endless? space

  14. Flamesofthunder says:

    I would suggest endless empire. If it goes on sale on steam for a cheap price it’s a good? deal.

  15. IAlightenI says:

    I am trying to get this mod but I need the 5.1 version first to run all later versions, and whenever I go to the website required to download the? mod it gives? me a 404 error code. Can anybody help me out?

  16. meegul304 says:

    Where did you learn? to speak English so well?

  17. civcity2 says:

    it dose LOADS of things and in my eyes is much better then any of the dlcs?
    just a few things it dose:
    Adds the ability to form the Roman Empire,
    adds lots of small states,
    makes the map look like hoi3s,
    adds alot more provinces e.g. London
    and lots more 🙂

  18. MrStaxxy says:

    It does? that and so much… see EUIII forum > user modifications > Death & Taxes

  19. tiger9120 says:

    If this sentence? is true, then Germany borders China

  20. Quacky58tv says:

    Why did you scorch the land?? It’s bad for your economy.

  21. maky99naked says:

    It does alot if you look it up on google and find it on? the paradox forum they have a list

  22. impulse9999pl says:

    I have a challenge for you, try and have good relations with a nation through the? whole game:D

  23. grimmrevelationn says:

    can? you play some victoria 2

  24. Azsunes says:

    I was wondering what exactly does death? and taxes do?? add more smaller countries?

  25. Matthew Stark says:

    i have seen the ai do that lol?

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