Legal ways to reduce business taxes in Canada

Reduce your business taxes now. There are many legal ways to reduce your company’s tax bill in Canada without breaking the law. Watch this video to find out …
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  1. Ben Chand says:

    Thanks Allan. I will call you on Tuesday, and set up an appointment for
    your services if that’s Ok. Of course after the free consultation..lol

  2. Allan Madan says:

    Thanks for your feedback!

  3. Allan Madan says:

    Dear Ben, Thanks for your feedback. There are several options that you can
    consider such as the Voluntary Disclosure Program or Taxpayer Relief
    program if you qualify. Also, you can consider setting up a payment plan
    with the CRA. Please don’t hesitate to contact me. I offer free 20 minute
    consultation for all clients. – Allan Madan (905) 268-0150

  4. Ben Chand says:

    Hey Allan. Great videos all of them. keep up the good work :). I have a
    small business my corporate tax year end was July 31st. I have to pay a
    large sum of Tax to my Fed friends. What can I do..Help please 🙁

  5. Allan Madan says:

    Customize your message?

  6. Aneik Gandhi says:

    really good info.

  7. Yama Noorzada says:

    Hi Allan great video really good info just a question i have a very small
    company with two workers can i pay myself up to $40000 dividend without
    paying any tax? and i can do that every year? thanks

  8. Allan Madan says:

    Hi there, I currently serve clients from all over Canada and the world. I
    can definitely provide you with consultation over the phone. You can reach
    me at (905) 268-0150 I look forward to hearing from you. – Allan

  9. Allan Madan says:

    Hi Yama, You are correct as long as there is enough retained earnings
    within the company to pay out the dividends each year. Thanks, Allan

  10. chiangel56 says:

    Good info. Please do you provide services outside Ontario say in
    Newfoundland by phone consultation

  11. Allan Madan says:

    Thank you Aneik. Allan

  12. dainternetguru says:

    Great video, keep them coming. Nice to see you using a lapel mic, now just
    keep your hands down LOL

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