KBR killing our troops, not paying taxes

From Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC.
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  1. rjanis123 says:

    out of the major “pundits” out there, Rachel I find more palatable than the others. That being said, I must admit that NONE OF THESE PEOPLE qualify as “reporters” or “news anchors”
    opinionated editorializing is? NOT part of responsible journalism.

  2. rjanis123 says:

    part of the machine, hidden in plain sight .. only real question is.. will he EVER have to face justice? I think? that the truth there will actually become a theological question …
    better still.. will there be someone who comes along later and takes his place. someone just as bad, or worse?

  3. rjanis123 says:

    no need to apologize brother.
    I for one truly respect your candor, and frankness. If more people were as open and honest, I think that the world would be a? slightly better place.
    Peace :):)

  4. Roonskii says:

    Hopefully we learn. Chiseling that through thick skulls is another thing. That son-of-bitch didn’t just wake up one day? in the positions he held.

  5. Roonskii says:

    I would rather have him lose “everything” at the end of a long, very public, trial. That would do? more for humanity than vengeful thinking.

  6. rjanis123 says:

    no, but for some reason.. all the really smelly turds? always rise to the top of the toilet .. sorry for my frankness .. I just get disgusted by this type of filth

  7. rjanis123 says:

    agree entirely .. however .. they will remain in place in Afghanistan for at least the foreseeable future… I’m not sure that’s “change I can believe in”
    the whole stinking thing is dirty, and it disgusts me.. I want Dick Cheney to be water boarded in one of those electrifying shower stalls his old company installed? that uses “brown water”

  8. rjanis123 says:

    thanks for watching, and for? those 5’s!
    Peace :):)

  9. rjanis123 says:

    thanks Raine
    Peace? :):)

  10. Roonskii says:

    Is KBR to big to? fail?

  11. WindHarps says:

    Agreed with my? Raine ~
    Thanks for putting up this important vid.

  12. yourrainebow says:

    Good post,? rjanis123!

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