Karen Hudes (World Bank): “IRS collects your taxes and gives it to the Vatican” “Syria actors”

Update in depth on the Jesuits and Vatican with Karen Hudes. How much of your taxes goes there. (must listen): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MONibDBak5A For…
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  1. ClintfromNYtoVA says:

    Google plus is marking relevant comments as spam. I went through them and
    some have links to more info but they are ‘mistaken’ as spam. There were
    some negative comments that are just opinion but were not spam. I believe
    both positive and negative opinions should have an equal platform.

    I don’t subscribe to everything Hudes believes, nor share her optimism, but
    who in the MSM can even speak of Jesuits or the Vatican, and who has shared
    this much on them and few reporters will even let her expound on the

    Snowden is more likely an operative and controlled agent than Hudes is. If
    they talk about you in the MSM on a monthly basis, you are an operative.

    The rulers are not going to step out of the shadows, it is more effective
    to operate through infiltration. Sovereign wealth is being swallowed up by
    corporate wealth. Big Agra, Oil, Pharma, Insurance, and Banks are not
    promoting a level playing field and through lobbying and a corrupt court
    system they have all the control.

    To think that the Vatican one of the oldest, richest, most powerful
    organizations is not involved in world policy, banking, and control is
    sheer ignorance. ?

  2. cheerfulerik says:

    The CIA is catholic??

  3. Menno Alma says:

    This woman is incredibly brave, and at last someone who tels it like it is.
    You can deny it but it’s still out there it happens day in day out.?

  4. brideof frankenstein says:

    Google “Bank of Italy (United States).” This is not so preposterous.?

  5. niclab47 says:

    The Vatican is collecting our money wrongfully and now all that’s left is
    worthless Fiat, Where do they go from here? What good are metals &
    diamonds if we have no clean soil to grow Non GM seeds, clean fluoride
    free water to drink & clean air to breath. Bilderberg Group the Zionist &
    the Vatican all need it. ?

  6. d says:

    LOL to all the posters casting aspersion on this women. Crooks and Liars
    the whole lot. ?

  7. cheerfulerik says:

    The Jesuits? What about the Wikipedians? The ones who secretly control all
    the information of the world. Maybe the Wikipedians are pulling the
    strings. A little known survey by the Federal Research Union shows that
    more than 90% of all Boards of Directors in the leading corporations of the
    world have secretly been using Wikipedia.?

  8. Meretene Cunningham says:

    Thank you Karen your a wonderful loving person who truely cares about
    mankind and the Source/God is watching over you. Revelation tells us that
    those who are in control are in kahoots with the Serpent they are his
    servants and will be destroyed as they try to hid in the mountains they cry
    out desperately for the rocks of the mountain to fall on them to hid them
    from the face of God or his beloved son Jesus Christ. They will be put
    away for a thousand years and let loose at the end of the thousand years to
    try and deceive us again but it will not work and then they are destroyed
    forever. Thank you for speaking out the truth you are a very brave
    person. Your purpose is to serve God and mankind and I am truely grateful
    for people like you for the benefit of my grandchildren and all children of
    the new earth and new heaven. Amen.

  9. Cynysha Thompson says:

    This woman is not only EXTREMELY knowledgeable, she is GENIUS! Literally
    off the scales GENIUS! She summed up at the end of this spell binding
    interview what ALL of this is about ……… LOVE. What would posses any
    man or women involved or associated with these elite groups or ANY person
    who is a part of the Jesuit Order to commit such blatant evil?!!!! The
    answer is simple. A complete and TOTAL LACK of love. That’s what this all
    boils down to. Robbing a hard working woman or man of their rightly earned
    pension, savings and social security. Placing a yoke of student loans on
    graduate hopefuls that is enough to depress you. Not to mention
    propagating such BLATENT LIES about Syria!!!!! The saddest part about it
    is that the majority of us are in ‘Fairy Tale Land’ and even when faced
    with truth we refuse it. Obama is simply a scared puppet collecting his
    ‘treats’ for a good show to America and the world.?

  10. Astrid van Triet says:

    Thank you so much Karen. I invite everyone to look at smoothparadigmshift
    dot net for not sacrifycing people anymore on ‘waiting, analysing’, etc.
    Meanwhile people are still in trouble. We must now expect from our
    governments protection against cutting of electricity and so on, while
    ‘they’ are implementing solutions for everyone. We can’t sacrifice people
    any longer. ?

  11. ricky hofmann says:

    she is rite a bit, we don’t realy need currency though, if you remember how
    It was before, we used to barter and grow our own food and trade, I live on
    Hawaii we are way behind you and your greed, but were way ahead in taking
    care of each other and our bad ass earth that has an abundance of resources
    and gravity, who cares about there wars and loot they are all lazy
    suckers,bring the battle im with it god bless all and fight the good fight?

  12. RAUL ROLA says:

    I would not be surprised if airplanes dropped contraceptives instead of
    bombs in any nation of the world. The Vatican in a heartbeat would be
    giving out a statement. But this event has not been done yet. In reality,
    bombs are being dropped for decades yet the Vatican has never denounced any
    of this crimes. We have satellite images of where the poppy fields are, we
    have the bombs to destroy them. Let’s challenge the Vatican to give out a
    statement to do this. The unfortunate fact is the Queen of England controls
    the drug cartel and the Vatican so this is the truth that God is seeking
    for all good people irregardless of religion, color of skin. To do good and
    stop evil. Go to the Larouche website and search for Dope Inc.?

  13. TheJewRegulator says:

    Yes, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, David Axelrod, Michael Bloomberg, Joseph
    Lieberman, Eric Cantor, Lloyd C. Blankfein(Goldman-Sachs) ,Ivan
    Boesky,Andrew Fastow (Enron), George Soros and on and on. all Catholics and
    not Jews?

  14. Richard Griffith says:

    6 Entities that control the purse strings of world wealth>The Vatican
    Jesuits/mafia>300 super rich elites OWN the Vat>the Royals/Order of the
    Garter>the Bilderberg Group>the Zion Jews/Rothschild/Rockefeller
    Bloodlines>Mason Illuminati/13 Presidents have been Masons>and the
    NSA/USA/Homeland Security(Nazi terminology). Karen is right>They are in
    cahoots at the highest level. they OWN most of the major banking systems of
    the world including the Fed Reserve Bank. They own European/USA n various
    other leaders in the sense that they are the Puppet Masters n our leaders
    are puppets!!! We, the 99 %ers are the SHEEPLE being slowly led to
    slaughter!!!! I predict worldwide economic Depression/WW3/and then
    electricity goes out n civil war ensues and then when winter sets in and
    you have survived so far, well, hell you just give up n wind up in a FEMA
    camp. If you get out of line you wind up like the Jews/Holocaust!!!! We
    have been forewarned and little will be done to overthrow the Elites! This
    is the 4th Reich/NWO Agenda and they have master planned this take over for
    over 50 years!!!?

  15. Irishandtired says:

    Looking at the comments of idiots who have done their “research” is like
    living Idiocracy. Just listen to Karen Hudes, abort your own flesh and
    blood and get robbed blind by usury. Karen will lead you to the promised
    land after you destroy the World Banks main opposition.?

  16. ciacciom says:

    The Vatican Intelligence Agency ….. It’s called “confession”?

  17. RAUL ROLA says:

    In the Philippines, there is a group of Christians and Muslims who work
    together under the Larouche Movement. They are not victims of the system of
    religious wars because they know what is mankind’s purpose for living.
    They know that they will all die one day. And in this life time, they
    adhere to what JFK said. Ask not what your country can do for you, instead
    ask what you can do for your country. This is the universal principle of
    all religions as opposed to the Oligarchical principle of slavery, usury,
    deception, endless religious wars, genocide, poverty. Good people versus
    bad people. Expose the truth so mankind will be set free. ?

  18. RAUL ROLA says:

    All the good US Presidents who tried to stop the looting from the top were
    assassinated. This reality will never go away as long as we the people just
    submit to this system. This is irony of human beings who do not understand
    their purpose for living. We will all die someday. So what is our purpose
    then. To use our free will in accordance with God’s plan. And that plan is
    to make better the quality of the living standards of future generations.
    If the Vatican continues this corruption, we will be continued to be
    swindled. It is not a matter of not losing your faith in one’s religion. It
    is a simple matter of cleaning house and doing what is right as what God
    wants us all to do. God Bless Us All.?

  19. inUR2teeth says:

    The IRS is sending money to Vatican because:

    – The queen of England owns the USA.


    The Vatican owns…. England. ?

  20. Lisa says:

    This woman has completely lifted the lid off the whole operation that has
    oppressed humanity. God bless you Karen Hudes.

  21. Jedi Pauly says:

    Maybe you should pull your head out of your ass & learn what a nbC is. You
    have no clue & are too immature to learn or have a civil exchange. What are
    you about 6yrs old? You behave like a religious moron who cannot even
    comprehend the legal difference between a King & a President. You enslave
    yourself & others to bogus religious opinions & slavery & then character
    assassinate anyone who does not share your religion or desire to live in
    slavery. You are a stupid idiot & fool. Go back to Mexico

  22. flyboyvet1119 says:

    She’s freakin HOT….

  23. Jeremiah S says:

    Just when you realize how fucked you really are.?

  24. brianward3496 says:

    This is great! Pastor Tony Alamo was saying these things 33 years ago when
    he wrote The Pope’s Secrets. No wonder he’s in prison!

  25. green eye Bob says:

    Only Catholic Priests that molest little boys get to make the rules on who
    gets the money. We are living in times where criminals rule and people of
    conscience get dumped on.

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