Jonathan WInters explains why we should pay taxes.

It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World just had a 60th anniversary screening at the Cinerama Dome. This exchange probably got the biggest laugh it’s ever had.
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  1. Kaptain Kanada says:

    This movie? was freaking hilarious — up to the last ten minutes or so. The writers just couldn’t figure out how to make a proper ending. But no matter, because getting there was more than half the fun!

  2. grissomairport says:

    It was actually money from a tuna fish factory robbery. But they were unaware of the fact it was stolen money. After Smiler Groggin kicks the bucket and they return to the cars and begin driving again. J. Russell Finch I? think mentions something about how fast the police show up. His mother law says something about why wouldn’t they be chasing him, he was speeding. Smiler says, “I earned every stinking lousy buck of it!” They overlooked the fact it may have been stolen!

  3. BayareaGuy06 says:

    R.I.P. Ethel Merman? (1908-1984), Milton Berle (1908-2002), Buddy Hackett (1924-2003), Edie Adams (1927-2008), Dorothy Provine (1935-2010) and Jonathan Winters (1925-2013). Mickey Rooney is 92 and Sid Caesar is 90. They are the only two people in this scene that are still alive and they? are at a very old ripe age. They outlived four of those people that were younger than them. Buddy,Edie,Dorothy and Jonathan were all younger then Mickey and Sid and they both outlived them!!!!!

  4. Robert Wayne says:

    Why would anybody be stupid enough to tell the feds? they found that money?

  5. Tracy Clough says:

    yep! this is? correct.

  6. KevinJC1991 says:

    oh yeah…? that’s the joke

  7. KevinJC1991 says:

    Great actor, great move, great scene.
    But wasn’t that money from a bank robbery? lol if he wants to have that much of a? conscience than he shouldn’t even touch that cash!

  8. TacomaPaul says:

    Employer makes money and is taxed for that dollar as income…
    They pay person to work for them… same dollar is taxed as income? for them…
    Person hires help to do work on their house. Worker is taxed for same income dollar
    That worker hires a laborer to actually do the work. Same dollar taxed
    That kid buys a video game… seller is taxed for that dollar… as are his employees, etc. etc.
    Seems to me that dollar (after taxes) should now be worth more than a dollar !

  9. MrMikeSowell says:

    Rat Race was actually pretty funny, but pales in comparison to this masterpiece….I wouldn’t tell anyone? not to watch Rat Race, just not to watch it after this classic, LOL!

  10. snipe1963 says:

    They already did a remake, called ‘Rat Race’ with Whoopi Goldberg, and a? bunch of other ‘B’ celebrities.
    You didn’t miss anything.

  11. MLP88 says:

    The smartest, most? useful reply of all.

  12. ExtremeskierX says:

    When will we ever see comedy like this? again? Please no remake, not ever!
    And don’t touch “The Carpet Baggers” either!

  13. ExtremeskierX says:

    Which is likely only 15 to 20? percent of their income..declared income.
    Yes I would’ve liked that.

  14. ExtremeskierX says:

    “Even businessmen who rob and cheat and steal everyday have to pay taxes”
    Isn’t it the truth.? LMAO

  15. Julianna Mitchell says:

    I’ll miss you a whole bunch Winters!!! Say hi to Spencer? Tracy for me!!

  16. David Mercado says:

    I would like to think that if trillions are the answer to solve? our countries ills, then surely there would be a number that would achieve this. Is that too difficult a question to answer. Okay, health care will cost 2 trillion. Oh wait it won’t cost a thing, forgot. Anyway 4 trillion 08′-12′ Another 4 trillion 12′ — okay that’s cool. How many more will you need sir. Signed: American Tax Payer.

  17. David Mercado says:

    will do.?

  18. MLP88 says:

    Yeah, well, voluntary ignorance of political polemics has an exacting price: Your sanity.

    We had a huge financial collapse with unprecedented job attrition – not job loss, job attrition. That was 2008 – 2009.

    Then Wall Street USA devised a Jobless Recovery.

    Now, with all your disjointed disgust buried in an innocent movie clip ~ a political prism? that darkens your life ~ wouldn’t you rather have been one of the few people who paid in excess of $500,000 in taxes for fiscal year 2012?

  19. Herbert Ragan says:

    Just enjoy? the clip moron!!

  20. silvernail6 says:

    Well? that’s supposedly still true…LOL….Madx4…great stuff

  21. Mark Holmstrand says:

    Wait a minute. I saw this film when it came out and I am only 61. This film is definitely not 60 years old. Try 50 years my friend. It? came out in 1963.

  22. joel53149 says:

    Even Obama pays taxes, just not as much as? normal people

  23. Moe Banshee says:

    God? Bless John

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