Jon Lovitz: Obama A “F*cking A**hole” With His Tax Talk [EXPLICIT LANGUAGE]

Jon Lovitz on his “ABC’s of SNL” podcast: “This whole thing with Obama saying the rich don’t pay their taxes is fucking bullshit. And I voted for the guy and…
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  1. Bryan Young says:

    To the? morons who don’t understand Lovitz’s 50% claim. He’s not talking about just income tax, but ALL taxes. Sales tax, property tax, gas tax, etc. Get your head out of your ass.

  2. mattydigs says:

    You ever think that maybe he? doesn’t relate to either party and is just making an observation?

  3. the82spartans says:

    this was 10 months ago… and you? are still butthurt?

  4. tozzed says:


  5. Alicia Banks says:

    that bankster hobama has always been rich
    he is a 3rd generation? cia red diaper baby

  6. Alicia Banks says:

    that bankster hobama is a corp? whore! any deal with hobama is? a deal with the devil!
    this fiscal deal increases taxes on the poor and middle class! and it decreases taxes on corps and the rich! hobama = wall street! hobama = gwb 3.0/new nixon/hitler! cc designer poverty/wwiii/haarp/dhs/fema/s­­andy/africom etc! shame? on the blind bilked duped dumb fooled fleeced sheeple! aliciabanks.xanga.com/76954805­­0/selection-2012–%E2%80%9Cfo­r­ward%E2%80%9D-with-the-fleec­in­g-of-america/
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  7. NorsemanUSA says:

    Ha-haaa! Good for you Jon. I am a Conservative living under poverty level but I agree with you that rich people should not be taxed simply because they are wealthy.
    I want so badly to say to the “O-man” “Pack your trash and get your ass out? of America’s White House”

  8. boner638 says:

    Extremely uninformed…who the hell is paying 50 cents on every dollar they make…even during? the clinton years it was only was only 30%…stick to comedy Lovitz…or mabey do some research before you put this shit out…I heard Hannity once say, including government taxes, he was paying even more because of hidden taxes in his neighborhood stores ect…anyway the number he came up with was 65%…65% of his income was going to some sort of tax…that is total and complete fucking bullshit

  9. Michael Cores says:

    This guy is a complete liar and an? obvious asshole.

  10. CRTtoVIP says:

    unfortunately, most people who make your type of money cut off the charities first as the government tightens on their wallets. It’s unbelievable that people in this country think the rich don’t pay enough. The top 10% of this country pay 71% of our income taxes. Should we? have them pay 90%, 100%? What difference does it make if we don’t rein in this outrageous spending.

  11. EyePostComments says:

    I wouldn’t say Mitt is an idiot. He did go to Harvard and Stanford and graduated cum laude, not to mention he is a self made multimillionaire (gave his inheritance to charity). Some people are just not great public speakers. In fact, most of the smartest people alive are quite socially inept. You haven’t accomplished a fraction of what he has done. So what does that make you if he’s an idiot? ?

  12. Baltimore Raven says:

    I am neither a republican nor a democrat but i am in the 7 figure range and i pay a SHIT LOAD in taxes. I think Mitt is an idiot and would look smarter if he just kept his mouth shut however lovitz has a great point. Not to mention i tax myself with a? self tax by donating a shitload of money to foundation the red cross , cancer, and various charities.

  13. Secundinius says:

    Obviously you? don’t understand how taxes work if you think someone STARTING a company (with no major income coming in) STARTS at a 79% tax rate. I’m not surprised that you don’t understand this.

  14. Secundinius says:

    Correction: 13.9% in taxes, 7.1 in healthcare, social security (which I will never see) and medicare (which I will also? never see).

  15. Secundinius says:

    Clearly you understand how capitalism, taxation and? the economy really work…..

  16. Secundinius says:

    Not to mention that my? 13.9% leaves me with a lot less than Romney’s 14.1% on his MILLIONS of dollars. 13.4 m – 1.9 m = 11.5 MILLION dollars. That’s about 11.5 times what the average American makes his entire working lifetime. No one is asking them to give half of their money in taxes. When tax rates were 79%, those people would avoid that tax bracket by reinvesting their money into their companies by HIRING MORE PEOPLE, which diminished their taxes and put MORE tax payers into the system.

  17. Secundinius says:

    First and foremost, the Mormon Church is not a charity. Second 14.1% TAX ? 50%. I pay 13.9% taxes. Funny, we’ve been cutting taxes for the rich for YEARS saying “Tax cuts will create jobs.” It? hasn’t created any jobs. What it has created is DEBT. You also cannot combine how much his company pays in taxes with what he pays in taxes, those are two separate entities. That’s like me combining my taxes paid with my mothers and saying “Look how much I pay in taxes!”

  18. Secundinius says:

    Love this “50%”? bullshit. Romney paid 14%, I paid 21%. My 21 was a waaaaay harder hit than his measly 14 on his MILLIONS… And how is Jon Lovitz still relevant.

  19. TheSmartLawyer says:

    God bless? Jon Lovitz for his courage!

  20. RealityStar9 says:

    You Demoncrats remind me of the? radical Muslims going shit crazy over a youtube video. It’s getting harder and harder to tell the difference between you two.

  21. Lunatic4Bizcas says:

    ¡Ha! ¡Ha! It doesn’t take much brain power to figure out why politicians salaries have incremented across the political spectrum, yet? most people’s salaries or earnings have lowered or stagnated.

  22. ThatSkeptic says:

    In a CNN interview, he did state he is more for the? Republicans on fiscal/economic issues. Other then that, he stated that he is left wing on socail issues.

  23. mah575992 says:

    Hey? lefties! Tell business men the American Dream doesn’t exist.

  24. 19dan99 says:

    it? is about time!

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