Jimmy Carr On Tax Evasion 8 out of 10 cats 22/6/2012

Jimmy Carr gets the piss taking out of him for a change 🙂



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  1. kwanarchive says:

    Does a person who earns ten times what I earn REALLY produce ten times more than I do for the economy? If so, how much of the money they supposedly “earn” is actually earned? and not through accounting tricks?

    Rich people get money because poor people buy things from them, and they’ll have more to spend if they pay less tax. A multi-millionare can recover their “lost” taxes faster than a poor person can recover theirs.

    I’m not poor by the way. I have a good job. You’re just a selfish twat.

  2. alex vdb says:

    i never said that. But why should anyone pay ( personal taxes ofc) a thousand times more then you do? Does he use more public services? Do you get things from the government that others don’t? No i don’t? think so, atleast not in my country.

  3. alex vdb says:

    I said the progressive system wasn’t the problem, I said the fiscal discipline was. The rich automatically pay more taxes then the less wealthy, yet they receive less benefit from the state itself. it s a balance you make. I put in millions and millions of dollars into this debt and i get almost nothing in return. In some cases it is in my opinion a good thing to have a flat? tax. Not on everything but a flat tax on dividends for example would be reasonable.

  4. keokiracerhalsteren says:

    Georgie Thompson?

  5. VulturousSteak3 says:


  6. kwanarchive says:

    Oh, boo hoo, you can afford to? pay 10 million euros. Boo hoo. Your life must suck.

  7. IMortage says:

    You are honestly complaining about a progressive tax system?

    Are you one? of those flat taxers?

  8. alex vdb says:

    Well not defending the frauds, but where i live, rich have to pay a higher percentage just because they are rich. They already pay more tax and now they have a higher percentage. But that s not even the problem, what stings more is that you let s say you pay 10 million euros tax and you see it going to waste on the politicians who don’t have any regard for fiscal discipline. How would you feel if you have to close the budget deficit and your politicians make? a mess with your money?

  9. mikeman2706 says:

    I thnk he? meant the other skinnier blonde.. 🙂

  10. 00Billy says:

    1%. quite brilliant. Thats the? Cambridge education coming out…lol

  11. rubo111 says:

    Now think about all the other people that have to use the home computer AFTER the teenage boys that liked your comment.

    Talk about your sticky situations!?

  12. Kane Hansen says:

    haha? 13.44

  13. Aaron Adkins says:

    Um, no, you’re? not understanding. He isn’t talking about paying taxes, he’s talking about paying more than what they do because they simply make money. Isn’t that what percentages do?

  14. sMiLoPistonsFan says:

    Interresting comment, paying taxes is not considered a punishment everywhere. It’s a great opportunity to give back to the society you live in. And im quite happy to pay? the high taxes in my country. I am also happy i live in a country where this is a commonly shared opinion.

  15. spacecadet35 says:

    At least he? can take it as well as give it.

  16. Aaron Adkins says:

    But what? you’re not understanding is that albeit it’s sad people don’t have money, you can’t simply punish the one’s that do no matter what luxury expensive they happen to buy. It’s their money.

  17. 21526001270528 says:

    and be as? funny as hell

  18. bga600 says:

    Jon Richardson ?

  19. villasixx says:

    Who’s the guy in the green shirt and brown jacket?? He’s kinda hot. ?

  20. apceacatura1 says:

    lots of credit to Jimmy for coming on the show and just? taking it. How many celebs do you know that would have handled it like jimmy

  21. Draco Malfoy says:

    georgie thompson?

  22. Robvern M says:

    People and companies should have to pay extra tax for the rest of their lives.?

  23. Robvern M says:

    Why is? it that the wealthiest people complain the most about paying taxes. This person earns over 3 million pounds a year and doesn’t want to pay his 50% tax. Who could blame him who would be happy with 1.5 million. And yes we should also feel for Gina? Rinehart with her $28 billion.

  24. sewanze says:

    No, 4? factorial is 24.

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