Jesus on Paying Your Taxes

In this excerpt from a sermon titled “Why They Turned on Jesus,” Pastor Brian Tubbs (Sligo Baptist Church, Wilmington, Ohio) explains that the people of Jeru…
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  1. Blake Lynch says:

    This pastor completely misunderstands how Jesus views taxes. Jesus was summoned to the court of Rome for allegedly being a subversive, misleading, tax protester. Luke? 23:2. Luke 5:30-31 also says that Jesus labeled tax collectors as among the sick. This pastor is blasphemous.

  2. 911Truthseekers3 says:


  3. speratic1984 says:

    Church sucks go? to hell fagg

  4. kabloozie says:

    Interesting that a church minister claims his followers should pay their taxes when churches pay none, including unemployment insurance tax – in other words,? if a church employs a janitor, and lays that janitor off, he/she cannot collect unemployment insurance – not terribly christian, if you ask me.

  5. skibjabali says:

    Something ive been thinking though brother, Caesarean rule isn’t the same as American govt. In American democracy we are the Caesar. Are we not the ones who vote, and appoint leaders??
    Under Roman rule you had no rights to claim. In America you do, just read the Constitution.

  6. DukeofWilmington says:

    TeflonMaster, in Matthew 22:21, Jesus says: “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and unto God the? things that are God’s.” In other words, GIVE to each what each is due.

  7. TeflonMaster says:

    I find it funny that many people – including this man – use the clearest example of Jesus advocating the rejection of man rule as? a JUSTIFICATION of man rule.

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