IRS and US Tax Law-US Citizens in Canada must file US taxes annually (September 8, 2011)

US Citizens abroad must file tax returns with the IRS every year. It doesn’t matter if they don’t live in the US, don’t earn income in the US or have propert…
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  1. cmcleod11131975 says:

    While i understand Americans about paying taxes if they were employed with US embassy, military,etc… if the income was not earned and had nothing to do with the US then the US should stay out of that persons life financially, this will? encourage more renouncing of citizenship of the US keep taxing on income with no affiliation with the US.

  2. InstTaxSolutionsLLC says:

    This is something that could be overlooked and could possibly lead to back taxes and penalties as the IRS? has really become more watchful of expatriates’ income.

  3. BigOldScout says:

    This goes for American’s living in Europe as well. Plus, if you are lucky and earn over 95K per year, you have to pay tax in the US and the taxes you pay in Europe, are NOT to be written off. ? (COMMUNISM!)

  4. Mark Washington says:

    Can one pledge two countries, gods or wives ? read Mathew 17;ch24-27 on taxes; . seems taxes are in essence a fee to foreigners not to ones own countrymen.Read the real law to those that care to judge”(without prejudice ucc1-207) ” 3 times,as a priest or rabbi,he will? choose not to.

  5. kiheitek100 says:

    The u.s. gov’t is shifting the blame on innocent Americans for its $15+ trillion debt by collecting unnecessary taxes through bank accounts. The IRS tax system is a complete scam & the IRS crooks should be thrown in jail!!!!!!!! Joe Stack &? ex-IRS agent, Joe Bannister are heros!!!!

  6. CAFREEB says:

    It is not just about tax forms. Most ex pats in Canada would owe zero taxes to the U.S. and they knew that so they decided to add on huge FBAR penalties. A form that no one knew about at all. So even if you were up to date on taxes and owed zero you can be hit with harsh penalties. That along with FATCA has left me no choice but, to protect? my Canadian spouse and child and to renounce. I will NEVER forgive Obama and Carl Levin for making me do this. Ever.

  7. diana pietrantonio says:

    This tax system is a fraud. Know? who you are and how it applies to a human being. Watch “slavery by consent” “freedom to facism”. Understand why it’s “voluntary”.

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