Income Tax Holiday Ending

What happened to our paychecks? Why is there less in everyone’s paycheck? The income tax holiday has ended. President Obama has effectively increased taxes o…
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  1. roxs81 says:

    Thanks for explaining this just? got my pay check last week and had $90.00 taken off and im middle class. Now all those stupid people who voted for obama what do you ha to say?

  2. yourdyingbreed says:

    The FICA tax went bac up to? where it was before.

  3. Amber Kauffman says:

    Obama? is so dishonest, and leading our Nation in the wrong direction. The American dollar will have no value when he is finish.

  4. Deem1953 says:

    The thing is, two years ago, our Social Security (payroll) tax went from 6.2 percent to 4.2 percent. However, the government still got their 2 percent! How? Your employer paid them the whole 6.2 percent. All that time. So, in reality, the govt gets the same, we pay more, and our employers pay? less.

  5. Dragon Rider says:

    When you get less of your check and the government gets more, that’s a tax increase. I dont care what the source or what the spin in either direction. Democrats executed the perfect ambush of the American people I have ever seen. 6,000,000,000 new government dependents due to hours being cut to avoid massive expense on employers, Tax increases on every working American, higher? costs for everything NOT considered in inflation index And some ‘people’ STILL consider this a good thing?!

  6. Dennis Beatleboy says:

    So? sad

  7. THEcalicoacresmamma says:

    if a tax break is allowed to expire, it is not spin that the tax payers will experience a tax increase. “NO increase”for the middle class is, was and will always be? a lie. Add to this the decrease in deductible medical expenses from above 7.5% to above 10%. That is a 2.5 % tax increase. Don’t like the term tax increase?,Its 2.5% of all medical expenses which are no longer tax deductible. TAX INCREASE. Add 10% tax on medical devices and a lot of us with disabilities got a new disability.

  8. chocolatecheesedog says:

    You said it yourself. It was a? tax break that has expired, not a tax increase. Very deceiving spin.

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