Illegal Aliens Cheating on Taxes: Filing False Federal Returns getting $4 billion “back”

This is not a refund, but instead it’s a transfer of wealth. These lying cheating illegal’s are scamming the system right under our noses. Anyone who actuall…
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  1. jbranstetter04 says:

    It is all of the $20,000 that I paid in federal tax last year. So? what is that? It is money that I worked for given to people who did not work for it.

  2. Robert Johnson says:

    “We’re talking about a multi-billion dollar fraud scheme that’s taking place here.”

    So what’s a multi-billion dollar fraud scheme within a multi-trillion dollar extortion and? robbery scheme?

  3. Aaron Ruffin says:

    This is ducking bull shot I’m sick of people ripping are? ass’s offff

  4. mayimbin says:

    Who cares?

  5. StarNails Estela says:

    I know a family who work her and pay there taxes. They have? a ITIN # to pay for what they worked in the US. I worked as a Tax prepare and it asks you if you are aUS.Citizen if you say No it automatically removes the EIC for kids who are Us citizens. Do id they are receiving all that money the tax prepare has to be doing something illegal. Just so that she can get paid. This must happen with tax prepares who work individually from home. …

  6. mnltrrs4 says:

    @bswade007, Bring it Bitch we’ll blow your ass to pieces faggot. Easy to talk shit? behind a computer screen. Faggot!!

  7. TMKONA29M1 says:

    It would be cheaper to round up all the cockroaches? and send their asses back to where they came from. Screw them and screw the US govt for letting this happen. Its a bunch of damn bullshit if you ask me!!!

  8. bswade007 says:

    We need an open hunting season on these illegal? cockroaches. No bag limit

  9. Jim Bodenrader says:

    it was an NBC? station…….

  10. jasonrazojazo says:

    It? must be another big lie from Fox television. I don,t trust those liars anymore.

  11. ScorpioBornIn69 says:

    I agree. Pass the? Fair Tax Bill. This will elminate the IRS nightmare all together.

  12. hitssquad says:

    “Illegal Aliens Cheating on Taxes”
    Eliminate income tax and? you will no longer have this problem.

  13. jbranstetter04 says:

    From first hand experience I know that many of them use false Social Security numbers. The SS Administration only inquires to the employer about it every few years, and then they only want to know if that is the number that they meant to send in. They say to take no action against the? employee or a lawsuit may happen. Here’s another thing. Some of them that pay tax this way don’t file a return, so the government gets even more tax money, at least in the case of that taxpayer.

  14. jasonrazojazo says:

    So illegals pay taxes. They are given an IRS number so they can pay taxes. I was told for many years that? illegals don’t pay taxes and now they say they do.
    Everything is a big lie.
    So if they are sending money to their countries, they are doing it legally with the approval of the IRS.

  15. manmachine30 says:

    No Amnesty to the 11 million…. we are broke. If they want? to stay sever the military or stay as guest worker. NO citizenship to then…..

  16. Robin Muscato says:

    (o.O) is this why i have not seen a dime for 6 years -.- this is so mess? up

  17. catherine b says:

    Illegals keep wages from getting higher they work cheap who is to? blame? I think not illegals it’s companies who are all about the money.I think other people would work if wages were higher.

  18. catherine b says:

    We need fair tax no more paying out taxes to no one who don’t deserve the money. Everyone will all pay there fair share . IRS get your shit together get another? job loop holes to many loop holes.

  19. Paul M says:

    o, and i forgot to mention that they illegally vote now too.. with fake names.. i guess that’s all good for someone that can’t afford their own place or find steady viable work..guscaldas2 u need to wake up and realize what this is doing to actual citizens.. do some research before you just assume that all these extra people are mot causing harm, abuse? and repressive and slavish outcomes for many citizens that worked hard all their lives only to see their lives, roads and neighborhoods overrun.

  20. Paul M says:

    however.. the money that they send back to their home land(s) is worth 6-7 times more than it is here.. no wonder they do any kind of work.. i would too for 70-80 dollars per hour.. I am awake? and feeling repressed

  21. Paul M says:

    a few illegals are always gonna pass through the cracks.. problem is when states like MD roll out the red carpet? and allow them to assume multiple identities get licenses renewed with known phony documents, adding to the already over crowded roads (causing gas consumption/prices to rise and destroying our bay and air) and over priced apartment complexes, and people fail to realize that they make only a little less than most legal people do, an hour .. u wake up buddy

  22. guscaldas2 says:

    My friend, wake up. This is called REALITY. As long as it is of the interest of this government or the industry to have undocumented around, they will continue to be here. Earth’s society is illogical, unfair, disorganized. Civilizations came and collapsed. The anger you carry is also a nuisance to people around you wherever you go. ? And remember that the ones with papers are in charge of the big weapon, killing millions everywhere.

  23. Paul M says:

    they also take jobs that school aged and retired people used to? do, putting a bigger burden on actual citizens and their families trying to survive

  24. Paul M says:

    why don’t you move into one of the overcrowded with undocumented and most? likely stolen fake identity areas and see if u can get a job..

  25. skinnydragon1912 says:

    This pisses me off to no? end to know the fact that not only ilegal imagrants are leeching money from our goverment but the people who are in office are taking advantage of our tax dollars like working only a couple hours a week and get paid full time and free benfets and rises in pay its no wounder america is going under.

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