Huckabee Begs For New Taxes

Huckabee: Whatever Tax You Pass, “You Will Have Nothing But My Profound Thanks” Video By The Arkansas Journal http://arkjournal.com/2007/10/exclusive-video-h…
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  1. maxsnafu says:

    The REAL Huckabee. Is there ANY tax this creep doesn’t? want to raise?

  2. YoureGoingDownFed says:

    any type of combination? “I’m fine with that” “and you will have my Profound thanks” he’s trying to reach a “target” amount of money, douche!! the character of a person really comes out when they’re the one who gets to spend the money, & he was practically begging the legislature to stick it to the people any way they? could We Need RON PAUL Now!!!

  3. Patrick Gentry says:

    Wow! Tax, Tax, Tax, away Mike Huckakbee!

    So now we know how you could afford? to pay Chuck Norris to campaign for you in 2008! LOL

  4. yakyakyak69 says:

    Stop the Corruption!

    Prosperity is IMPOSSIBLE while a Central Banking Monopoly, Fiat Debt-Currency & Fractional Reserve Banking allows Deficits.

    The Fed corrupts crony politicians with power to borrow, debase & spend to buy “support” from Special Interest Groups, Unions, “Too Big to Fail” Corporations, the? Military-Industrial Complex & Wall Street Cartels.

    Central Banking = Political Bribery & Cronyism!

    Watch: “Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve” here on YouTube.


  5. Billy Ray Whitfield says:

    Nice guy but certainly not Presidental material. Neither was Obambi and look how screwed up? our government is now! No Huck, you stay in Arkansas, preach, play bass, and please stay out of government.

    2012 will be “Madam President Palin”

  6. ChipsShot says:

    His? WHOLE record is pathetic, not just this issue:

    The Arkansas Republican leadership sent two people to warn Iowans of the Huckster (They didn’t listen which tells us a lot about Iowa.)

    “Mike Huckabee squared himself with the law again last week, but like so many times before it was after they made him do it…”

    mikeyhuckabee blogspot com

  7. ChipsShot says:

    Here’s another for the most recent? vivid example of why the Huckster should never hold another public office of ANY kind – Search;

    Huckabee: I never supported cap-and-trade regulation

  8. ChipsShot says:

    @adam64897 Yeah, diabetes has that? affect on people. Yet, thta doesn’t explain why he wants to take our freedom in dictating what we eat.

  9. ChipsShot says:

    No, I’m not paying YOUR? fucking bills.

  10. ChipsShot says:

    Here, upload his record at this blogsite and get the full context of a Liberal who refuses to walk his Conservative talk (Including this? one);

    Mikey “The Huckster” Huckabee

  11. Nathaniel Matychuk says:

    Yes, someone needs to re upload the full original. Conservatives would definitely have a different impression of Huckabee if they knew the context of his words here.?

  12. ehealthy222 says:

    If you don’t want to pay higher taxes on? cigarettes……..


    No one’s forcing you to smoke.

  13. imanerd36 says:

    1. The taxes do not go to health care.
    2. You are? still taxing people.
    3. Huckabee has tried to play out that he has always cut taxes.

  14. ehealthy222 says:

    There’s nothing wrong with taxing wholesale tobacco. People shouldn’t smoke anyway.? Who cares fi the price of cigarettes goes up.
    People who smoke cause rising prices in health care.

    Taxing people for making a living and earning an income, would be a different story.

  15. stargirlsusan says:

    i know we totaly do, and this is the best they could come up with, i will give them some good ones of their? #1 guy

  16. DestructerX says:


  17. shanklinmike says:

    America’s education is socialized! That’s why we? will continue to decline as government grows! You need to see my video on stopping the government’s monopoly on our children’s education. The truth is, our country has been socialized for years, creating bubbles and devaluing the dollar.

  18. shanklinmike says:

    Love Ron! He is an honest man that? didn’t get his fair share!

  19. nrobyar says:

    Everyone KNOWS this tape has been spliced to only show what these Huck bashers want to have? displayed. It is a shame people waste their time trying to smear Huck because folks arent buying it. We love the guy….

  20. threeseriesftw says:

    “People who make under $80,000 are too stupid to understand taxes? anyway.” -John McCain

  21. nonrepublicrat says:

    wow, unbelievable that? he would dare to ever call himself a conservative after these outrageous remarks. taxation robs people of the financial freedom, and gives government the tool it needs to control and manipulate the people. taxation assumes that the government has the right to just take anything from us at will. taxation destroys liberty. where there is taxation, there is no freedom. never never vote for any politician who wants to force you to pay taxes. Neocon Huckster is bad news !!

  22. Nicholas Mateik says:

    Ron Paul 08?

  23. onstageagain says:

    Well its probably past time for public out cry….Americans are holding back and waiting until the problem? has gone to far and it is too late…..Hence 30 million illegals.

  24. Nicole Czarnecki says:

    Not all Canadians are bad; but? even some Canadians are smarter than Huckabee: They know that socialism isn’t working.

  25. CorollaKing says:

    RON? PAUL 2008

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