How You Can Legally Avoid Paying US Income Tax (Aaron Russo)

How You Can Legally Avoid Paying US Income Tax (Aaron Russo). These video excerpts were taken from the movie by Aaron Russo, which is called America: Freedom…
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  1. Rod Knocker says:

    HalfTruth I mean? RetSquid not so much. If payments are “profit or gain” from performing a federal function then that’s income with a tax liability. Losthorizons for the truth!

  2. RetSquid says:

    If you work and you get paid, you have income. Losthorizons is proof of losers, your buddy has been convicted multiple times and still had to pay? taxes, and penalties and interest.

  3. Rod Knocker says:

    No one can legally avoid paying the income tax if they have received income. Find out how the scheme works and is broken down on Losthorizons. RetSquid you r a troll. If you love paying your fair share then God bless more power to you. The Gov loves you the source of their money. U little piggy bank u.
    Now for Americans who know their fair share is 0 then definitely study Losthorizons. Helps u learn how your private sector payer is a major? part of this by falsely reporting payment as “income”.

  4. RetSquid says:

    LOL!! Can you actually? show how anything I have posted is wrong?

  5. Edward Cassidy says:

    Read the 48 page book on The Creature From Jekyll Island you can get it in PDF form or read it online takeover of our government by bankers and? criminal politicians.

  6. King Savion says:

    RetSquid is a troll. I? have on numerous occasions seen him in the IRS video comment sections. Maybe he/she/it is just sad he does not have the courage to help a cause so he/she/it just has to attack other peoples opinions. Sac up he/she/it and quit licking your masters boot.

  7. RetSquid says:

    I don’t care who signed it, it is not a contract of? any kind, it is just a record of my birth. If you are born in the States, you are a Citizen, that is beyond any choice of yours.

  8. TheseusTitan says:

    It’s interesting how we have been brain washed to believe in certain things. The truth and the law is if you have a birth certificate but who signed it? Your mother was the informant if you look at most birth certificates. We have to learn to say, “I did not give my consent and I never signed it”.

    There are other choices besides a? U.S. citizen. So there is a lot to learn (and unlearn).

  9. RetSquid says:

    “Despite plaintiff’ and numerous other tax protesters’ contention that the Sixteenth Amendment was never ratified, courts have long? recognized the Sixteenth Amendment’ ratification and validity.”

    Betz v. United States, 40 Fed.Cl. 286, 295 (1998).

  10. Roger Clemons says:

    OK amendments. Point being is? if the amendment does not have the official backing of the proper number of states, all debate forward is just carnival barking. .

  11. RetSquid says:

    According to? the States and the Courts, the 16th was ratified and is fully Constitutional, there was no doubt about it when it happened, only recently have any of these conspiracy theories started.

  12. Roger Clemons says:

    Americans can do their own research and decide for themselves.
    The forensic documentary evidence proves it was not ratified according to the laws? of the Constitution at the time. Case closed.

  13. RetSquid says:

    According to the House, Alabama, Kentucky, South Carolina,? Illinois, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Maryland, Georgia, Texas, Ohio, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Indiana, California, Nevada, South Dakota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Kansas, Michigan, North Carolina, Colorado, Iowa, Missouri, Maine, Tennessee, Arkansas, Wisconsin, New York, Arizona, Minnesota, Louisiana, West Virginia, New Mexico, Massachusetts, New Hampshire all ratified it and rejected by Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Utah.

  14. RetSquid says:

    All of the? States and the courts agree it was ratified, QED, it was ratified.

  15. RetSquid says:

    You don’t ratify statutes? and public laws.

  16. Roger Clemons says:

    Congress cannot pass an income tax law unless 3/4 of the states ratify it. In the case of the 16th amendment, there needed to be 36 states out of 48, that would ratify it. Far fewer than 32 ever ratified it. Congress passed a law with forged or missing documents.? A law that is passed by means of fraud or forged documents is not a law, no matter what a judge or subsequent federal statutes declare. US Government lied about Vietnam,
    USS Liberty, WACO, 9-11. The income tax is a false flag.

  17. Roger Clemons says:

    Still was? not ratified.

  18. Roger Clemons says:

    The 16th amendment was never? legally ratified. The record is clear as day.

  19. Roger Clemons says:

    Did the 1919 Jewish Holocaust? or the 1894 Jewish Holocaust take place or were they frauds? Does Elie Wiesel have a Auschwitz tattoo. Do the 1978 US Army photos of Auschwitz , taken weekly from 22,000 feet , show any sign of mass graves?

  20. Roger Clemons says:

    It depends how you ” define ” the Holocaust. If? you define it as one million or more persons of Jewish ethnicity were moved from house and home and much of their wealth stolen, and forced to live in labor camps, where many died, then I agree, no rational person can deny that. If you define it as a master plan to kill 6,000,000 Jews by poison gassings and other inhumane means, than I would disagree. I have researched this topic since 1993 and the forensic evidence
    proves no gassings, ever.

  21. RetSquid says:

    Ad hominems, I? guess you have no logical, rational arguments to support your ideas.

  22. RetSquid says:

    No rational person could deny? that the Holocaust happened. And all fifty States agree the 16th Amendment was ratified.

  23. Roger Clemons says:

    Trance IT is annoyed because he is a some 75 year old coot who spent his life making good money and paying huge amount of income tax.
    Now he finds out the truth and is mad. ROFLMAO. Hey, somebody has to pay the big taxes? to support Israheil and funding the CIA. You go girl.

  24. Roger Clemons says:

    People can read the facts on how the 16 amendment was or was not properly ratified and decide the issue. Sort of like the Holocaust.
    Most people are just not informed.
    Please ask if you ever have a question on? the holohoax.

  25. TranceiT says:

    Halle-fucking-lujah. Yes, I’m a 100%, GradeA, Rainbow Waving, Lambda card-carrying G-A-Y. ? Splash, it’s time for you to meeeeeelt away.

    Oh, how you got from holocaust to gay marriage … well, you might want to see a psychiatrist, You’ve displayed or inferred 4/7 behavior characteristic commonly associated with schizophrenia: Delusions, Hallucinations, Disorganized speech (i.e., being unable to stay on topic), and Major difficulties with social relationships.

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