How to Not Pay Taxes

http://www.MrForthright.com Are you sick are seeing your paycheck go to Uncle Sam and Aunt Crappy Government? Of course you are. Here Mr. Forthright give you…
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  1. MR. FORTHRIGHT says:

    This year, don’t get hosed by Uncle Sam and Aunt Crappy Government
    #taxes2014 ?

  2. tomasisainmdom says:

    i would definitely live in your country mr. forthright, and happily pay
    taxes so long as it meant more of your videos.

  3. Joyce Donahue says:

    LOL – I think I will go start my own country so that people will pay me.
    😉 Great strategy!?

  4. lightsandcandy says:

    You get ten million points, old man.

  5. cryingatdisneyland says:

    @saunderfourtwenty amen. this guy should have way more views than he does

  6. NintendoBlakJak says:


  7. atywaar says:

    A breath of fresh air…. a tall cool glass of water that puts a smile on
    your face

  8. onetwothree57 says:

    How can I start my own country? That sounds fun!

  9. hmmmidunno4 says:

    whatever it takes, stay on the move 🙂 sooo good

  10. clerickolter says:

    Its not hard live and work ONLY for cash, have NO bank account, don’t spend
    your money on anything big and live under the radar.

  11. Whiterocker27 says:

    I commend you. I cannot comprehend the limited amount a views you receive.

  12. djwizard2012 says:


  13. T Davis says:

    It’s a slang term signifying a “term of endearment” for an older gentlemen
    that has earned ones respect 🙂

  14. tommyboyzinthehood says:

    @cryingatdisneyland the gov must be preventing this from going viral —
    they don’t want people to know how to not pay taxes

  15. MR. FORTHRIGHT says:

    It’s a lot of fun! In fact, I even made video to show people how to do it!
    Search “How to Overthrow a Government” by MisterForthright

  16. Rich McCarty says:

    You sir, are fantastic.

  17. mancreep says:

    distract the IRS, was the best tip

  18. MR. FORTHRIGHT says:

    preaching to the choir bill puppies, i only use gold, get paid in gold, and
    spend gold to buy everything i use. i was able to buy my first house after
    melting down my gold medals from the 1930 games, in fact.

  19. T Davis says:

    That was hilarious “Old head” much respect!

  20. preton03 says:

    That’s awesome

  21. Joe Patriot says:

    Sit on babies?

  22. MR. FORTHRIGHT says:

    “Old Head’?

  23. VICTORIAGIA says:

    Thank You So So MUCH I never laughed this hard I love grandpa

  24. jojo archers says:

    U want not to pay taxes ? Very easy solution-get a government job or
    better yet, get elected. or convert to Judaism, if that bothers you–apply
    for welfare :^(

  25. TheTopherWolf says:

    I’m not joking, this is literally the funniest video I’ve ever seen. I mean
    have never seen a video funnier than this.

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