Home Ownership in America/Are Property Taxes Constitutional?

If you are required to pay property taxes, then who really owns your home? This is my video commentary on home ownership and property taxes in America. I als…



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  1. ZullGostnu2 says:

    You may only rent your home. You rent from the government. Welcome back
    from your dream. It is time to wake up. You also don’t control your
    ownership, you have to get permits to do anything. I agree with you. The
    psychopaths are in control. But how do you keep the psychopaths out of your
    government? There are 3 million in the USA alone.

  2. VerifiedNews says:

    Reggie, the reason is that home “owners” have equitable title, the
    government has legal title. Just like with your body. You may think you own
    it, but the government controls it. This is related to the sovereign
    movenment, you might want to look into it…

  3. PontVedra says:

    Allodial title is a concept in some systems of property law. It describes a
    situation where real property (land, buildings and fixtures) is owned free
    and clear of any superior landlord. Allodial title is secured by various
    state constitutions. An individual’s allodial title is alienable, in that
    it may be conveyed, devised, gifted, or mortgaged by the owner, and may
    also be distressed and restrained for collection of taxes or private debts
    or condemned (eminent domain) by the government.

  4. 1kings1918 says:

    I have thought about it. User fees connect use with taxation. Income,
    property, & sales tax punish certain activities (like productivity, home
    ownership, & acquisition of certain goods) to provide general funds (often
    to reward certain groups). Property taxes require one must have income to
    posses property to pay annual assessment. This is wrong. It is a direct
    attack on private property ownership which is foundational to liberty &
    free enterprise & is anti-poor people.

  5. cramlow1 says:

    I like the idea of a ‘fair tax’ system, but there would be serious
    consequences of this system 1. Do you tax food and if so how do you
    compensate for increased food prices (no more room in the budget to
    subsidize farmers either) 2. The rich get richer in this system, and while
    that may not be a bad thing, the precedence has been set to try to
    socialize everything. 3. What about the black market

  6. aceyorba says:

    homeowners rent the land from the county/government…all you own is the
    ability to pay taxes// FTA

  7. Will McGhee says:

    Actually what ever version of Lord Of The Rings you purchase. You own the
    disc and can watch it all you want and even share it with a friend. But you
    don’t own the artistic property contained in the disc i.e. you can’t just
    go and charge folks money to come in and watch it. Because the movie label
    owns that. You would have to get permission from the owners of the content
    contained in the disc to make money off of it or have some sort of big
    public displaying of said content.

  8. jerami101 says:

    @ktorch So, you don’t care if you can own land, a house, a car, boats or
    any other such property? Paying for the services you mentioned really has
    nothing to do with ownership. Hell, you can have a piece of land in the
    middle of nowhere (no access by roads) and still be taxed on it! I
    understand that you are thankful for what the US has to offer to it’s
    citizens. I have seen true poverty myself. I just think we should be
    allowed to own property. Not rent it indefinately. Peace!

  9. popcur says:

    The property taxes, here in chicago. Is a detterent for me to get a house.
    Even, if I pay off the home. I still will have to pay property taxes. The
    only break you get. When you retire. Your property tax rate freezes.

  10. pmarie2003 says:

    @skyding8962 Exactly. I’m 51 and never had kids. I pay school taxes on 2
    properties. If people had to pay for their kid’s education directly we
    would have a high quality of education. I’m such a bitch about not paying
    for breeders that I won’t give baby shower gifts to my coworkers. I i tell
    everyone that when they get that $300/kid federal tax credit every year,
    it’s from me.

  11. jrnault77 says:

    @jrnault77 another thing is my house can be seized for those taxes. Even
    with no debt on the house there is a debt every year on the house. So the
    government owns all property. They even tell me I need permits to improve
    my house.

  12. d3adp001 says:

    How would I do it? simple only busniesses(noncorp) and incorporations pay
    taxes, why? because they are creations of man and therefore subject to us,
    since they exist to benefit the community, then they have to support it.
    Private individuals working as employees, or working for their own gain pay
    no tax, to tax a human is to enslave that human, even if its 1% because now
    you establish the right to take, and one day it will approach 100% or as
    close as they can stand without rising against.

  13. conspiracy777 says:

    I’ve been fighting the property tax issue for almost 12 years now. Indiana
    was VERY close to getting rid of it’s property taxes. You basically “rent”
    your home from the state. I pay $300 a MONTH for the right to “own” my
    home. Another $300 for my business office EVERY MONTH! They may not be
    taking our homes all at once, but they have found a way to take them little
    by little. 1500 homes in my county alone were up for tax auction last
    month. We need to find a better way to fund needed items

  14. glennwih says:

    Absolute Ownership ended a long time ago. You did not have to pay taxes on
    property. Slaves were not allowed to own property nor Native Americans. In
    1867 when Abraham Lincoln (1st Jewish President) made everyone a U.S.
    Citizen, the God given right to absolute ownership went away. Look it up.
    Everyone in this country is a Corporate citizen; the Corporation of the
    United States.

  15. takeoUup115 says:

    You’re right, there was a few cases about that. Police are responders, like
    Firefighters, they don’t show up until something has already happened.

  16. Robert697 says:

    The POS house in Houston in which I grew up in has a property tax of
    $6000/yr. That’s $500/month, on a house that my dad bought in ’68 for only
    $9000. I am EXTREMELY thankful I didn’t inherit that POS.

  17. MamaOkie says:

    Homeownership is a joke! You can’t ever truly OWN your house/propert – you
    are right! Especially in neighborhoods with covenants that say you can’t
    have egg laying hens! The only thing is with renting you don’t have control
    either – the landlord says what you can do/not do on the property AND they
    can not renew your lease after you get your garden going…, water
    collection set up etc…

  18. tainorebelde1 says:

    This is why its not worth “owning” a house or land.

  19. jrnault77 says:

    Again, it ties in with the federal reserve. Allodial title is a reality.
    Until 1913 all American homeowners enjoyed such security. That was the key
    ingredient in the lure of America to the masses of the world. A man with
    secure title to his land could feed himself, his family and ten others.
    With that and the fact that the land could not be taken for any reason a
    man would be truly free. So since 1913 we have not been truly free.

  20. Eraser7622 says:

    @fyte4it You’re exaggerative. The government only has as much power over
    you as you allow. Who are “they” anyway? If you have real money in your
    possession (gold, silver, food, etc) “they” can’t touch it unless you allow
    them. If you choose to live your life accepting that your place is that of
    helpless peasant, that is exactly what you’ll be. No, we’re not free..
    we’re debt slaves. Once you break the bondage of that slavery, just by
    being aware of it, you’re free.

  21. Zorn101 says:

    If you do not hold Allodial title. You do not own any thing. if some thing
    can be taken from you you do not own it.

  22. takeoUup115 says:

    i was just think the same thing , good video .

  23. Darion Kain says:

    Property tax was first started in WW1 to fund the war. It was ment only to
    be a limited time tax however once it was in place it was never removed.

  24. Michael J. Jones says:

    thanks demcad, this is the problem that the common man hass. the clossest
    thing to home onership i know of is , a shak in applichaca with a wood
    stove and candles running water if you run to the spring to get it. the
    bathroom is out back in a litttle brown buliding, heat is a fireplace
    berttor get wood and keep it dry. ………………………love and peace
    hillbilly mik

  25. Clint Deathwood says:

    I think if the military and police were ran by private sector we wouldn’t
    be in unnecessary wars(it would be a bad business move to stay in a country
    for 10 years and had nothing changed) and police would make a better wage.
    A friend of mine is a cop in a GHETTO area with high crime and gets paid
    less than 25k a year. I don’t know about you, but I don’t really trust some
    guy getting paid a poverty salary with my protection. Fire departments too,
    I don’t trust the bubba gang of volunteers…

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