Hidden Taxes for Obamacare

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  1. Bert Powers says:

    That would be a winning platform. IMHO.

  2. AndyPanda1978 says:

    Thanks to your co-worker, and YOU too. 🙂 If it weren’t for many of youtube
    video makers for finding out , most of us would still be in the dark today.
    I barely have time to begin even searching on my own. Sadly most we hear
    are from pro-Obamao groups & directly from his administration.. spouting
    “how great obamacare is” – or – “you must buy a plan” nonsense Yet still no
    one gives us Clear Direct Details from that side. only empty words.

  3. Bert Powers says:

    Agreed. The disease is killing our country and freedoms.

  4. Bert Powers says:

    Actually, I have to give the credit to a conservative gun owner that I work

  5. Bert Powers says:

    My Wife is an NP and my two Daughters are RN’s. They give me the inside
    scoop on how this will effect us all in bad ways. Debt free and self
    reliant is definitely the way to go.

  6. GUNZandCARZ says:

    Our only hope is to get a Republican Senate in there to repeal or de-fund
    this atrocity.

  7. Bert Powers says:

    That they are.

  8. Bert Powers says:

    Taking our money and making the government bigger is giving them more
    control by the day.

  9. Bert Powers says:

    You are welcome, I will pass that along to him. I understand, the amount of
    information can be daunting. Those in favor of big government are solidly
    behind Obamacare, for the most part, because that is what it represents. I
    believe the unionization of healthcare workers in all states is not far

  10. Victoria Lynn says:

    There is no longer the pretense of a two party system. That is why so
    little opposition and the current administration is no different than the
    last. There is, by design, a running theme behind all governments that
    would indicate supernatural powers are at work. As Satan led Jesus high up
    on a mountain and offered Jesus all the governments of the world for one
    act of worship, this shows us who’s running the show. In order for Satan to
    be able to offer the governments means that he must own them.

  11. NWOIS666 says:

    Sneaky little **stards!

  12. Bert Powers says:

    Just for that, you may never be audited.

  13. bonnie beme says:

    I am a RN and am dreading what is going to happen to healthcare. Most of my
    co workers are keeping their heads in the sand and spending themselves into
    infinity. They think that I am odd for living debt free. I would NEVER tell
    them that I am prepared as well.. We HAVE to take back our country soon
    before they let us be invaded or bombed.

  14. bonnie beme says:

    It is so far beyond corrupt now.

  15. Bert Powers says:

    Thank you, Deb glad to be back. Between storm damage clean up, and
    vacation, I have really gotten behind. I may have to hit the reset to catch

  16. Bert Powers says:

    Good one, red meat for people like me.

  17. MrDevlin350 says:

    If there actually were an opposition party I think Washington would be in
    flames by now.But thats the problem or part of it,when it comes to democrat
    or republican there is no opposition they are one and the same.The obvious
    give away is that republicans are not even trying,sure you get a senator or
    congressman who shouts and screams once in a while,but at the end of the
    day he has his hand greased just like the rest.

  18. bonnie beme says:

    They are all the same side. Just more ways to keep us a tax slave state. I
    think that after the amnesty bill passes then we will see skyrocketing
    taxes and price increases through the roof to pay for all of the illegals
    and lets not forget the upcoming war. Sad days ahead for us all.

  19. gfreakj says:

    Welcome back. It is shameful how our government deceives us burying things
    in monstrous bills written in language that the writers can barely
    understand. And now we have the immigration bill…lather rinse repeat.

  20. slobomotion says:

    Uprated, shared.

  21. Bert Powers says:

    Agreed. I think that solution, term limits, and some jail time for these
    crooks might also be a part of the solution.

  22. Bert Powers says:

    Them and the wannabes.

  23. d goble says:

    Knowing that the IRS will be in charge of Obamacare and my phone and
    computer is monitored I would like to share my views.I think that Obama is
    the best pres. we in america have ever had.I also think the budget for the
    IRS should at least be doubled.

  24. Dewdaahman says:

    speakin’ of fishing, once we get the Traitors up onto the gallows, their
    just end, they will be fishing for words to say to stop their demise..
    imo.. thx Bert..

  25. Bert Powers says:

    They all play for the same team and it ain’t ours.

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