Here comes the taxes! Paying for 911 calls

Staring another mini series Here comes the taxes , In some places they are going to charge a very high price for 911 calls California Town to Charge for 911 …
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  1. dickcheney6 says:

    I think they should only charge fees when someone? makes a bogus call that doesn’t need immediate response.

  2. hcwildfire5 says:

    i think the whole deal with this is for the people that are abusing 911 not the good semaritan making the call. It would amaze you on the amount of people that dial 911 for a headache and then want a ambulance ride to the hospital. stuff? like that is what they are talking about. misuse of emergency services.

  3. Homestead Acres says:

    well at least? you didnt say I was amish

  4. Halftrac says:

    Vote out Pelosi and her Communist friend Boxer on November 2nd! That would? be a good start. Oh! by the way! Get rid of the Jhodist Beard. Someone might mistake you for a terroist when the shit hits the fan. Just saying.

  5. gmcnewlook says:

    believe it or not but toronto just passed a road degradation tax, thats rediclous, if they cant budget for road repair they shouldnt be allowed to impose a new tax to deal with it! but toronto is run badly so? not suprised

  6. Covey69 says:


    howdy my freind…


  7. haywire46 says:

    I think that the fee? was for Medical calls only.
    It’s still ridiculous.

  8. GoatHollow says:

    This? is nothing… a rural county resident who’s call brings the fire dept. of one of the local cities near here…. Gets a bill from that city……. $1000!

  9. 99GPSE says:

    That is very true lol just like karma when you least? expect it, it has a tendency to come and bite you in the rear.

  10. Covey69 says:

    Their is no other word to describe an action such as this on your fellow man/woman.
    You Know I did HEAR that Child Screaming for help after he got shot but you know, I’m on a fixed budget, so I turned up the volume on the TV, so I couldn’t hear the cries.
    They keep acting like theirs not enough to go around in everything, keep giving us a bone to fight over and distract us? from the real truth. The Wizard of Oz standing behind the curtain sending us fear instead of truth.

  11. 19overlord64 says:

    I dail ***-9911,? that is the dispatch office non emergancy line and it is free (and never busy around here)

  12. Homestead Acres says:

    ok thanks? man

  13. shaurz says:

    Ahh taxes, pay? for the same thing multiple times.

  14. RedWhiteandBetrayed says:

    Man we need to stop getting? gang raped by the politicians… I mean im sore enough as it is… please give me some time to heal… damn…

  15. Trisha Rose says:

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    Just make sure if you order it to use the Watch instantly option otherwise they will send you a DVD through the mail. Its included in the $8 but we prefer to not to? go through the trouble of returning DVD’s.
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  16. charitonfarmer says:

    hey Andy,? it hasn’t been to bad, i am ready for spring though. i have had enough of these long cold days and snow and ice to slip around on lol.

  17. Susanna McIntyre says:

    I had never even thought about the cost of 911 calls. It is sad that they are talking about making it such a high amount. And you are right, (sadly) it would make people more reluctant to? call for a stranger.

  18. Homestead Acres says:

    wonder if? they are handing out more then usual

  19. Homestead Acres says:

    right and it will? be the good ones who do that to this realy is not a wise thing to do

  20. Homestead Acres says:

    that could very well be! ive heard? a little bit about that people are just having nowhere else to go but to lose it

  21. Homestead Acres says:

    untill we are all out of cash and labour then? they totaly collapse

  22. Homestead Acres says:

    well that could verywell be never looked at it that way thanks?

  23. Homestead Acres says:

    right? wasnt sure if a town of a county thanks

  24. Homestead Acres says:

    you are right on the calls that? are not realy an emergincy not sure how to do that mabey just bill tax or fine them for that but then who get to say what a emeerginy is though most people with comon sense would

  25. Homestead Acres says:

    yes but theres nothing to? take

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