Health Insurance Policy Terms

(Best Syndication) Employer based health coverage is disappearing leaving many employed individuals to make their own health care insurance decisions. Due to…



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  1. NCAgentX says:

    etc? No wonder costs are out of control and employer provided health
    insuarance decreasing. Its time the government began providing care to
    everyone in the form of medicare. Not that crap about buying in, but “free”
    like sending your child to school. Distribute the cost across the nation.
    The govt will then have to limit how much it pays physicians and hospitals.
    In response they will invest less in technology, which drives costs. Those
    who prefer can buy medigap. No more insuarance companies

  2. redstatepatrick says:

    most employers are not dropping their insurance. That is totally bogus!
    Want to stop over paying for insurance, GREAT – then stop the lawyers from
    winning the lotto every time a hospital or doc makes a mistake. that one
    act will lower price overnight.

  3. TheBestVideoViewer says:

    The problem I see is the insurance companies. They have no problem taking
    your money, but if you get real sick, they look for ways to deny your claim
    or better yet, cancel your policy. And then they hope you die before it
    makes it to court.

  4. 5MinuteUpdate says:

    United Health and Wellpoint (Blue Cross Blue Shield) are two of the largest
    health insurance companies. I don’t know of any non-profit health insurance
    company that is bigger than them.

  5. netinsurancequote says:

    Choosing a major medical health insurance plan can be challenging. THE
    BUYER’S GUIDE website is designed to make this decision easier. THE BUYER’S
    GUIDE provides valuable advice on deciding between personal health
    insurance plans, as well as provides you with easy access to an online
    health insurance quote.

  6. TheBestVideoViewer says:

    It would be great to figure out a way to cut out the middleman insurance

  7. BruceGiron says:

    fucking prices are too high for surgery and pills

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