Health Insurance: #1 Secret to Getting the Best Rates Possible?

http://www.comparewithusnow.com/ Hi there, this is Kim from CompareWithUsNow.com – and in this quick video I’ll be revealing the #1 secret to getting the che…



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  1. samarukai1 says:

    Booo. Not? very helpful.

  2. ilai raka says:

    Im at the moment full time working …in california but I am moving over to Hawaii? soon.. work as a volunteer youth worker in a non profitable organization can that be transfered over or do I have to apply for a different category since its nonprofit….need help!!!!!!

  3. branelep says:

    thank you? for this video

  4. comparewithusnow says:

    – to be completely honest, health insurance quotes depend on your health, age, and a number of other “numbers” that they look at -? I can recommend getting a higher deductible, so your month to month payments are lower.

  5. comparewithusnow says:

    – no problem,? teasr!

  6. comparewithusnow says:

    – the? best strategy for a cheap health insurance policy is to have a high deductible – this will give you the chance to have a lower monthly payment.

  7. comparewithusnow says:

    – the most effective strategy to take is to actually raise your health insurance deductible? – but of course, this depends on your own unique situation – in a lot of situations, having a higher deductible will allow you to have a lower monthly payment, but also cover you in extreme, emergency situations.

  8. comparewithusnow says:

    – if you can’t afford your bill, you may want to negotiate a monthly payment, or some other way of paying the? debt off – most health care providers are happy to work with you if they know you’re serious about paying it off.

  9. comparewithusnow says:

    – it? will depend on your current, unique situation, DMaster.

  10. comparewithusnow says:

    – then why are? you here watching a health insurance video, TheSimpl? 🙂

  11. comparewithusnow says:

    – discounts are generally handled by the company you’re applying for health insurance at – by providing a full history,? in detail, you have the best chance of receiving health insurance discounts.

  12. comparewithusnow says:

    – you do, but it depends why you were dropped from your previous health insurance company – did you simply not pay? This is a debt that you will need to? settle before getting accepted by a health insurance carrier in the future.

  13. comparewithusnow says:

    – I’d suggest finding a company that will? help negotiate and lower your monthly payments – if you have a steady income coming in, this is much easier to do.

  14. comparewithusnow says:

    – HighRoller: unfortunately, they can – while this can cause controversy, I personally think they do need to draw the line somewhere – more specialized health insurance coverage can help balance everything out.?

  15. comparewithusnow says:

    – thanks, but we don’t? have any other videos currently.

  16. william11068 says:

    you got talent?

  17. Junc Serban says:

    alright that was cool?

  18. nic515 says:

    One word. Wow!?

  19. Junc Serban says:

    alright that? was cool

  20. Junc Serban says:

    alright that was cool?

  21. haitt000 says:

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  22. vagexgpt1 says:

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  23. bestens07 says:

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  24. nhoctruelove says:

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  25. xVeTRa says:

    I have seen a lot of videos in my time and this is? one of the best!

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