George and Obama debate health care taxes

George wonders how mandates on the middle class is not a tax increase on the middle class … why he even went to the dictionary to see the definition of tax…



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  1. Scott Williamson says:

    It’s not a tax. Oh wait. It’s him talking. What’s the opposite of “not”??

  2. Rabies Turtle says:

    So the Supreme Court rules that the Individual Mandate is constitutional
    because it is a tax. Interesting…?

  3. Krewe Maynard says:

    “It’s absolutely not a tax increase.” Shocker: He lied.?

  4. Robert Diber says:

    I thought the the individual mandate wasn’t a tax. Apparently the Supreme
    Court doesn’t agree.?

  5. Vincent Jones says:

    SiRCottonballs you are obviously a libtard who should move to a country
    that already has socialist system in place, instead of trying to screw up
    my country! You have no clue of how free markets work and are the problem
    in my country today. It is your big government that is the problem with
    health costs today, look at free market medical industries of cosmetic
    medicine and Lasik eye surgery – customer service is great and costs are
    down. You socialists make me sick.

  6. flasho2000 says:

    Is there really that much hearing loss and damage among our citizens? Obama
    never once argues that the mandate is not a tax. He argues that it isn’t a
    tax increase. And it isn’t a tax increase. It is a penalty. Like a fine for
    building code violations or a speeding ticket. Sorry, but fines for
    building code violations and speeding tickets are not tax increases.
    However, they fall within state and local governments’
    charters/constitutional power to tax, just as the mandate does re the
    US/fed gov.

  7. thexcount says:

    Its rule of LIES with libs, not rule of law. Republicans should do a better
    job at vetting judges so we can avoid making a lifetime appointment such as
    Roberts (Bush) and Oconner (Reagan).

  8. liberalmann says:

    And he will save countless lives, even idiots like you.

  9. emasee1 says:

    car insurance is a choice, you dont have to drive, therefore you wouldnt
    need to pay car insurance, or registratin. whe have to pay this tax just
    for being an american.

  10. Andy Sax says:

    Pretty sure it’s a definition fight, but nice try. I could refer to a book
    in which there are many widely accepted definitions as evidence, but
    apparently referenced resources don’t hold much ground with you guys,,. I
    believe that’s 2 losses, unless you reject that crazy thing called math

  11. Star69fucker says:

    Debate? By little Georgie boy? Obama’s biggest cheerleader? Just another
    stenographer masquerading as a reporter. Does anyone even watch this sperm

  12. EliYahweh says:

    – If it is going to be “affordable” health insurance, where is the CAP on
    premiums? – In order to insure 26 million Americans, this law will cost 20
    million other Americans their coverage because they lose their jobs because
    the employers can no longer afford them. Another 4 million will just pay
    the IRS instead. So in order to insure 2 million people, we will pay MORE
    than we are paying now for the 26 million now. Probably more than -double-
    for 1/10 the number of uninsureds.

  13. bear cat says:

    You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy
    out of it….. obama is a liar, worst president in history

  14. ladamadelcaribe says:

    ITS A PENALTY!!!!!!! through tax!! a tax PENTALTY!!!!!!!!! A PENALTY….use
    PAGES…ITS A PENALTY!!!!through the IRS.

  15. Lisa Puebla says:

    give us more money for our bills obama

  16. NightWolve1975 says:

    Also, the car insurance mandate is by the State which can constitutionally
    force us to do things like that… If the Federal government passed such a
    law, it wouldn’t be constitutional! This is about a rogue US Federal
    Congress and President that don’t care about the fact that the US
    Constitution limits their powers with respect to the states! They want more
    power than any State Legislature & the Supreme Court pretty much backed ’em
    up on that endeavor! Their power grows more unlimited.

  17. millers3888 says:

    He is a pathetic liar with big teeth and a bad attitude. Not to mention
    having a Sasquatch for a wife.

  18. liberalmann says:

    No, they will have a pool of low cost policies to choose from. Besides,
    we’re paying for it now with expensive emergency room visits. This will
    decrease overall costs.

  19. ladamadelcaribe says:

    ITS A PENTALTY THROUGH TAX…go to the supreme courtf and read the first
    two pages!!!

  20. Matt Simon says:

    Poor guy probably wishes he had a DeLorean with the optional flex-capacitor
    installed, or he probably would have not said this back in 2009. 😉

  21. 635phillips says:

    He lied to the American People…

  22. sevenzdown says:


  23. SiRCottonballs says:

    The DEVIL, pshh, you people are obviously all ignorant assholes who
    probably cant afford health care and are mad its mandated now. Personally I
    dont want to pay for all the retards who get in accidents and get hurt.
    Thats just me. If you guys keep wanting to pay a ridiculous doctor bill
    everytime you go go ahead. I will pay health care gladly so that when I
    actually need help I dont go broke trying to pay for it. Its not socialism
    its something that should have been done a long time ago.

  24. Gigimusicjams youonlyrockonce says:

    Barry the Dictator!!!!!Get the hell out of this country you ass
    hole….Your getting more stupid by the minute Barry!

  25. gregoryowl says:

    Joseph Stalin is watching this man from above (or below) with pride today.
    “My critics say I am taking over every sector of the economy”. You’ve
    proven the critics dead-on you liar. What we are seeing is the evolution of
    a dictator.

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