Gates: ‘No Doubt’ Wealthiest Have to Pay More Taxes

May 7 (Bloomberg) — Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, talks with Al Hunt about his foundation’s .8 billion effort to eliminate …
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  1. FortNikitaBullion says:

    How about we cut Medicare funding for dangerous prescription drugs rather
    than foreign aid? It could save money and lives.

  2. FortNikitaBullion says:

    I thought the 1% line was around $350,000.

  3. IdealRatings, Inc. says:

    Bill Gates Supporting progressive taxes..
    See the #video
    http://ow.ly/kMYnC #Bill_Gates #monetary #taxes #US

  4. VoidIGFX says:

    STFU about NWO, theres no such thing. use your fucking brain for once.

  5. zutroy1 says:

    Or how about someone just does the math for once and honestly admits that
    there is no tax rate the rich could pay which would eliminate the deficit,
    let alone pay down a single penny of the debt. The dishonesty of the rich
    parallels only that of the politicians themselves. Let me make this clear
    for you – if you want this level of social and state services, the middle
    class needs to pay a LOT more tax – and so do the rich as well. Do the
    goddamn math once in your lives instead of pretending

  6. Shadowcruise99 says:

    It costs big money to exterminate people. Bill knows it and he’s willing to
    pay the price to eliminate some of those useless eaters. You know, those
    people that are so deluded from drinking fluoridated water, popping Prozac
    and thinking that he’s some kind of savior.

  7. Popescu Sorin says:

    Bill Gates > god

  8. Billy Slusser says:

    I’d like to se the Gates Foundation divert part of their man power to doing
    the research into Polio themselves.

  9. Ben Briggs says:

    Keep moving your money into non for profits. Save those tax dollars for
    something special; NWO.

  10. Bart Janse says:

    Agree, Raw, but stop worrying, I just, or more or less just smashed a
    Steiner violin to save Alicia keys, & some other people.

  11. Rasterbayne says:

    Holy crap, it would suck to be Bill Gates son. You might as well throw in
    the towel, you can’t top that lol. Later in life your haunted by him…. I
    created windowsssssssss…… what are you gonna dooooooo……..

  12. Michael Hopkins says:

    wtf are you talking about

  13. Brandon Sulkes says:

    This guy is curing polio and changed the technological world. Yet he
    doesn’t have a Nobel prize but our president got one in the first year of
    being president.

  14. cheatdath says:


  15. Carina24 says:

    look it up. eugenics the oldest form of racism.

  16. kahuna3901 says:

    buy a mac trolololololol… but seriously I do actually love windows, im
    typing this on a windows pc, with a microsoft keyboard

  17. Carina24 says:

    what a creep!!!! sterilizing the world one country at a time!

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