FTSE100 use tax havens to avoid UK taxes (11Oct11)

A look at how 98 of 100 companies in the FTSE 100 use overseas tax havens to hide money from taxes. Big talk about finding people in Switzerland, but the gov…
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  1. LibertyDownUnder says:

    The money is much better spent when it’s in the hands of productive British
    corporations, rather than the British Government.

  2. vonkeonig says:

    @Sres1 or immoral

  3. gshooting says:

    Lol. How much does this cost the UK Treasury? Basically the Gov admitting
    that they are entitled to your money, as if THEY earnt it. Ridiculous.

  4. garethmdawson says:

    @hayden50 Please can you show the proof of this, where can you find reports

  5. johnny771977 says:

    @LibertyDownUnder So these corporations evade tax payment to the UK
    government (in full knowledge of the government), but when there is no

  6. chris hob says:

    Best way to tax the rich is to tax less.

  7. garethmdawson says:

    @hayden50 thanks 🙂

  8. ruuman says:

    I wish people would realise corporation tax doesn’t just apply to the
    massive multi-national, it applies to anyone who dare try and start their
    own business. High corporation tax cripples the whole system, low corp tax,
    promotes jobs and allows new business to get started and existing ones to
    be far more competitive.

  9. Paul Sres says:

    98 admit 2 are lying Why would they be shocked? Anyone who doesn’t want to
    avoid tax must be insane.

  10. LibertyDownUnder says:

    @johnny771977, did you listen to the video? The Government already takes up
    50% of the UK economy. Millions of paper pushers, pissing the rest of the
    country’s money away on nothing. The Government has to cut taxes and start
    firing people before all the productive jobs disappear.

  11. lorrietyre says:

    As of tomorrow 22.10.2012 if your unemployed and you turn down 3 jobs
    doesnt matter if the job does not pay what your worth, or it is a job that
    your over educated for, or you cant live on the pay they are offering, you
    will be suspended from claiming benefit for THREE YEARS. This tax evasion
    is still happening now as poor people go down the pan, all i want to say is
    they dont really care about us, micheal jackson tried to tell us in the
    song. These people are morally bankrupt.

  12. BloodguardGorak says:

    Poor people have to pay more tax because of these scams 🙁

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