Feds raid Mo Money Taxes headquarters

Feds raid Mo Money Taxes headquarters.
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  1. OnThatPowder says:

    lol why would u let these retards do your taxes?!?!? I let my Dog do my
    taxes and got better results than you’d get from these fucktards

  2. HaggisMcCrablice says:

    Oh, it’s not the new spot? Does this mean no more MMT ads? But it simply
    isn’t Christmas without the colorful antics of the Big Fat Fartknocker.
    He’s the jolly fat man I come to look forward to seeing every December, not
    Santa Claus.

  3. xela joy says:

    Both the poor and ignorant will always be exploited in any society. Why
    would anyone with any sense of common sense take their taxes to be prepared
    by a company who’s sole marketing strategy is itself a joke. smh *sigh*

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