Federal Income Taxes On American Corporations Are Not The Highest In The World

Republicans like to complain about how the US has the highest Federal corporate income taxes in the world. But, in fact, the effective tax rate corporations …



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  1. louiethegreater says:

    So your point is that corporate taxes should go down, while their profits go up. While US labor is placed in direct competition with $.50/hr third world labor, corporations should get? a raise.

  2. louiethegreater says:

    Well said Patrick Jennings, Your research is accurate and? well presented. Great Job.

  3. Patrick Jennings says:

    This video was made as a response to those, such as the Chamber Of Commerce, that claim, “US Corps Pay The Highest Taxes In The World”. I addressed that specific claim and rebutted it. A VERY SPECIFIC claim was made and I addressed it. If I gave the impression that this video would address every aspect of the US tax code then that’s my bad. GOV policies towards business is valid issue to debate – but lets debate based on the? facts. The claim that US corps pay the highest taxes is not factual.

  4. frankos rooni says:

    Would you prefer higher taxes in the US whilst the rest of the world inc scandinavia reduce their corporation taxes?
    Do you think the burden of regulation and comparatively high taxes are encouraging new businesses to start up?
    You should really? be asking your spend happy government to stop hating US businesses and wasting US taxes.
    I suggest you start producing videos that don’t only tell half the truth

  5. James Roberson says:

    1st off corporations and for that matter anyone that owns their own business, don’t pay? taxes, their customers (ie:you and me) pay them. Anyone who has the ability to raise the prices of their good or service will do so in order to retain their profit margin, if they don’t raise the prices sooner or later they’ll go out of business. So you are only asking for higher prices on everyone when you want corporations to pay higher taxes. Stupid really

  6. rob roberts says:

    My god you mean the corporations get? to have tax break like other americans the horror someone organize a march! Isnt it enough that you guys have shook down the “wealthy” in this country? Hell leave the corporations alone they have to have some money to employ people and produce some wealth. Unlike washingtion where dollars go to die. You keep shilling for the pin heads your doing noble work pal.

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