Ex IRS agent claims you don’t need to pay taxes

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  1. David Hutchins says:

    This is very eye opening. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Metellus10011 says:


  3. 259972 says:

    Lolll crazyy, pple needa realize USA would be an even bigger shithole if no
    one decided to pay tax. This woman is fraud, shes trynna gain an audience
    and the sell crap to them and get rich off all the sheep like people. Shes
    acting like shes for the people, Shes the fraud!!

  4. wyndee143 says:

    Thank you Sherry for TRUTH.

  5. RetSquid says:

    Sherry is wrong and just got out of prison for not paying her taxes.

  6. Jung Carlson says:

    Sherrys so cool thanks for the truth sherry

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