Europa Universalis 4 MEIOU & Taxes Holland 2

And so it begins, our first adventure into the land of mods for Europa Universalis 4, with the MEIOU & Taxes mod, a combination of the two best mods for EU3….
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  1. bjbseperd says:


  2. k1lkenny says:

    Ah, that’s what I thought. Just looked a bit weird.

  3. f556784q3 says:

    Sverige (sorry, wasn’t inspired much when looking for a name ) represents
    the revolt of Erik Magnusson against his father Magnus Erikson (or is it
    the other way around ?). This allows Denmark to participate in the swedish
    revolt and get its chance of grabbing Skane. So, it’s working as designed.
    thats what the forums say on it

  4. feybart says:

    I like that the mod changes Holland to a county instead of keeping it as a
    kingdom. It’s a lot more historical, as Holland was a county in the HRE,
    which was de jure (not de facto) still one large empire.

  5. RussianBMG says:

    I love your videos shen , you need waaaaaay more viewers :0

  6. k1lkenny says:

    What’s up with Sweden having two names and colours? one as Sweden and one
    as Sverige..?

  7. GetSiked says:

    is this on the steam workshop? If not, how do you download it?

  8. MachiavelliWD says:

    1.2 is already out :p

  9. floodly44 says:

    Why is full speed so slow and great video and great mod pls keeping them

  10. IgnatzKolisch says:

    This mod seems amazing. Loving this series already! I think I’ll wait for
    the first update before getting it myself, though. But the key guys working
    on it seem pretty diligent so I’m sure a 1.1 will be forthcoming!

  11. TristanMrH says:

    very excited over this lp. Looks very promising

  12. shenryyr2 says:

    haha yep

  13. ibot66 says:

    At 13 minutes there was an English army walking on water.

  14. minecraftmad11 says:

    It came off his stream so he properly had to put in on 720p

  15. inharz1 says:

    It’s wonderful how you pronounce french at 1:21 😀

  16. lol803 says:

    in one of my games of EU IV i converted mali to catholism , and then they
    went on converting their neighbour and somehow mali became the curia

  17. DJLENNON says:

    Shen you had such a derpy moment when looking at Flanders’ king

  18. Bjørn Handeland says:

    I just talked with one of the dudes on the forums and he said they were
    working on it 😉

  19. Yongdeok Cho says:

    Is Cologne an elector in that start? If so..

  20. Firemaker007 says:

    Where’s 1080p?

  21. Firemaker007 says:

    It’s the culture name changer. It’s inefficient but can’t be made more

  22. The505Guys says:

    Fix what? The mod lags, that’s the result of what the mod is and how big it
    is, they aren’t going to ‘fix’ that, they have even said that is simply an
    inevitable result of making the mod as it is, they have no plans to change
    that whatsoever.

  23. Bjørn Handeland says:

    ? Viewed ? Liked ? Subscribed

  24. Bjørn Handeland says:

    It is the mod that lags not your pc so they will prob fix it

  25. CounterstrikerGS says:

    Oh wait, i tried to play and i cant because the damn thing lags way to
    much, great.

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