EU3 Death & Taxes 7.1

Herp a derp! Still fooling around as Pommerania. we have the option to form the kingdom of prussia but there’s nothing amazing to gain from doing so. you get…
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  1. NationalDemocratic says:

    where can i download older versions? like tho one for 5.1 because they fucked up to activate my forum acc and i? cant get the 5.2 beta

  2. alastair king says:

    1 ship a day? keeps the pirates away

  3. Bazylariusz says:

    How the hell did you annex? Poland?

  4. Pancake833 says:

    can you not pillage provinces into defection as hordes anymore????

  5. Flamez442 says:


    thats the Death and Taxes? V 9.5 download link.

  6. GnosticHumanist says:

    Anyone know where to download this, I’ve been searching for half an hour with no success?

    The link at Paradoxplaza given in? the description no longer has the download available.

    Also I need one that doesn’t require registry with Paradox…?

    Any suggestions? Pirate Bay doesn’t have it 🙁

  7. randomfat32 says:

    where is? the download link?

  8. IAlightenI says:

    I am trying to get this mod but I need the 5.1 version first to run all later versions, and whenever I go to the website required to download the mod it gives? me a 404 error code. Can anybody help me? out?

  9. o2war2 says:

    you dude can you give me a links to download death and taxes 7.1 ? and nice empire ;)?

  10. officechairpotato says:

    Prussian Military Reforms is the only really good reason to form prussia. Your troops will be unrivaled? in discipline 🙂

  11. Evelyn G says:

    you can watch the? alliance tournament on ccpgames youtube channel

  12. John Fox says:

    XD when u have a rebellion in crusaders kings II? SHIT GOES TITS UP! that’s the perfect explanation for it

  13. Chris283Roblox says:

    Forming Prussia gives prussian army reforms, which means you get 25,? maybe more in D&T, discipline, making you the unmatched military leader.

  14. WesternInfantry says:

    got prussia to havethe requirements to form germnay after a? great deal of effort and the fucking thing is glitched saying i need a variable claim greater than 40 even though i have way above that, don’t bother playing this shen its too fucked up and i dont think the guy knows what he’s doing, he keeps saying that he fixed this glitch but it’s still there, same for forming ireland.

  15. WithinAllReason says:

    I think i’ve cheated the colonial system… I took over Sinai and? some of west africa, and Got to india in 1480 and australia in 1530. Pretty sad :/

  16. Thanatos9876 says:

    i’d? like to see a japan campaign i love watching people play this but there aren’t many people doing them

  17. Lars Bæverfjord says:

    i have a problem. every time i update the mod i lose my save files. so? i was wondering what you have to do to keep them? i would realy apriciate any help i would get. (please ignore any typos since english is not my native language).

  18. DiomedesStrosMkai says:

    Wait, what?? I know that’s something is weird about naval tech; I’m playing Italy on D&T 7.1 right now and my naval tech is at about 41 where as everything else is at 26-27, and that’s with very little funding into it… but that seems to be standard for everyone, so I’m really confused. What’s this about negative modifiers?

  19. JHool21x says:

    watch jaackmaate its well funny…?

  20. Capitanul9603 says:

    play with a japanese clan but make it catholic, it will fit that ideea fo meeting europeans you know … they became catholic and they are decided to unite japan and bring the faith to that sea of soo differint religions. Please do? that XD Will you ?

  21. koalawithagun says:

    As you will soon find out, naval tech increasing will result in continuously worse modifiers applying to your navy. Even if you don’t upgrade your fleet, you will get penalties for the more advanced ship types because it’s handled as an event. As Great Britain, I was in for a rude? shock as I neared the endgame and my naval tech accelerated because of Industrialization, where my income plummeted to -600 because of these :/

  22. sfgox10 says:

    No homo, I? love your voice.

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