Death & Taxes Movie Trailer (The Gordon Kahl Story)

The documentary film that took us behind the gun battle at Medina between North Dakota farmer Gordon Kahl and the IRS over Kahl’s outspoken public opposition…
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  1. Judah NL says:

    Please make a? torrent of it, so we can get it too.
    $32 for a burned DVD copy is too much:)

  2. bip19752001 says:

    Gordon Kahl. Damn auto correct!?

  3. bip19752001 says:

    Gordon Karl was? a real American. He wasn’t like the millions of fat, lazy, slugs that infest our country and government today. William “Bill” Cooper was right all along. We’re doomed

  4. James Osborne says:

    Gordon Kahl? was a S/H/I/T/H/E/A/D wannabe hero that got what he deserved
    Death to the Posse Comitatus

  5. ATX78733 says:

    It’s a great film, but? the producer is an asshole.

  6. Yah Saves says:

    If U.S. Federal govern-MENTAL agencies are part of A SOLUTION why are they murdering anyone who debates THE FACT there IS NO LAW requiring ANY U.S. citizen to pay taxes ON OUR LABOR. The IRS was set up to pay for WW1 & America was ORIGINALLY TOLD THESE TAXES WOULD BE TEMPORARY. 100 yrs of UNLAWFUL, UNCONSTITUTIONAL ROBBERY to fund a? COMMUNIST ENTITY which has usurped American governance since THE CIVIL WAR. TRUTH KNOWN PERPETUAL global war PROFITS ROTHSCHILD CORPS & Rothschild banks SINCE HEROD!

  7. MrBlizacane says:

    Gordon Kahl is from ND. What is and where is ND? Its the last place? in the continental US where America is Still America.

  8. steelmesh says:


  9. jays2474 says:

    Theres a documentary movie on youtube? called AMERICA FREEDOM TO FACISM.Chech that out when you get a chance.I warn you though it will piss you off.It was made by Aaron Rsso.He produced films like Trading Places

  10. TaosLandAndFilm says:

    Thank you for your purchase! No need to be? sorry. It is in fact a burned DVD. As a small independent studio, for titles not originally produced for DVD, we generate copies on-demand directly from original source compiled from the digitization of the film. Since we don’t have the sales volume of a major studio which would warrant mass production, the higher price is simple economics. That said, the film represents a highly-regarded piece of research we have little doubt you will enjoy!

  11. twinsdad2008 says:

    My copy just came in the mail. Sorry guys but? it looks like a burned DVD copy / Really for $32.00 this is what I get? I sure hope it is good

  12. fremontify says:

    I don’t believe we intended to represent the houses in the movie trailer as Gordon Kahl’s house. we’re using those houses as images of the tough times in general for farmers and the issues of those devastated farming economies which Gordon? was part of…

  13. TrickShot1100 says:

    The? house in the beginning of this video is not Gordan’s house.
    His daughter is still living on the farm so I suppose that’s why they are showing the old abandoned house instead.
    Gordan Kahl was a good man.

  14. pkpapers says:

    This film is not for porn-addicted prozac happy-face zomies. Hi there, NSA fellers. The truth will set you? free!

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